Good News/Bad News

First, a little good news on the medical front. Michael must have heard everybody wishing him well, because his fever was down today and he felt a little bit better. The bad news is he’s still on a diet of clear liquids, which means chicken broth, tea and lots of this.
Also, his Yankee fan nurse, Rachel, wasn’t on duty today. Bummer. Maybe we’ll see her in a few days. In other bad news, it looks like Michael will have to stay in the hospital for the rest of the week at least. The doctor wouldn’t commit to when he’ll come off the DL.
Back to good news, the Yankees finally signed a left fielder. The bad news is that it wasn’t Johnny Damon. It was Randy Winn, most recently of the Giants. When I read about the deal, I was like, “Excuuuuse me?” Sure, Winn fits within Cashman’s $2 million budget, but he’s 35 years old and coming off a miserable 2009 season.
But looking at the good news, the switch-hitting Winn was terrific with the Giants in ’07 and ’08 and could have a bounce back year with the Yankees in 2010, the way Swisher did last season after his dismal stint with the White Sox. Here’s more good news: Winn’s real first name is Dwight and his middle name is Randolph. Maybe he’ll perform like these two did as Yankees.
Continuing to look on the good news side of this signing, I’m hoping Winn will follow in the tradition of Paul O’Neill, who was hitting a mere .246 with the Reds in ’92, then came over to the Yanks and hit .311. Well, it could happen, couldn’t it? Or have I been spending too much time in a hospital room to think clearly?



    Jane, I am so happy Michael is doing better, even though he is on the jello diet. Here’s hoping his stint on the DL is short!
    I really like your optimism on Winn. The Yanks do have a way of bringing out the best in players. Any word on if he will be a Johnny like personality in the club house? As we found out last year, the chemistry is just too important.


    Please tell Michael his official fan club here on the blog are all wishing well and hoping he’ll be able to eat something solid in the near future. Jane, you can ask the hospital if you can bring in food. You can make jello out of fruit juice and knox gelatin, or you can even buy good broth and bring it in. I did that when one of my kids was in the hospital – it still met the diet restrictions but tasted much better. Of course, if that is just one thing too many to add to your plate, ignore that suggestion!

    Well, you mentioned his names of Dwight and Randolph, but what about the best name of all? WINN! Let’s hope he contributes to many Ws for the Yankees this year!!!!

    Hope you are holding up okay.


    Oh, and Jane, here’s a laugh for Michael. We were watching the Australian Open and the commentator said one of the players was like “Manny Rivera – a closer.” Then he said it again later! You could tell the guy thought he was being very clever.



    Yippee! So happy to hear that Michael is on the upswing.

    As for Winn I say, God love ya for being that optimistic Jane.
    I had a melt down yesterday after I read that.
    It’s funny how I never was a big Johnny fan when he was an “idiot” but then clean cut Johnny appeared in pinstripes and won me over.

    Aah, give me another day….I’ll be fine….oh sure I’ll be singing the lyrics to Johnny Angel all day in my head but I’ll be fine. (Johnny Angel, how I love him. He’s got something I can’t resist, but he doesn’t even know that I exist.)
    ……I need just a minute Jane.



    First things first…good news for some good news about Michael. Take it slow, big guy…we all wish you (both) well.
    Now…as my kraazy self returns…what can I say or do but reply to Peg in that musical vein (vain?), as follows:
    “Baseball heaven…
    We got carried away…
    A dream of him and we
    That’s how it was to be…
    Other players
    Wanted to set a date
    But we would rather wait
    We’d rather concentrate on…”
    Oh, stop it. Just STOP IT. It’s over (no, don’t go with Roy Orbison, you dope — waay too sad…now, WWSFD…What would She-Fan do?) — well, she’d pick out another song to parody…positive…upbeat…
    somethin’ like this (to the tune of “We’re A Winner”):
    “He’s a Winn-er
    And don’t let anybody say
    That he can’t make it…
    He’ll be fine while he stays
    No more tears do we cry, and we’ve finally dried our eyes
    ‘Cause we’re movin’ on up (movin’ on up!)
    Lord have mercy, we’re movin’ on up…”
    Ahh, the rejuvenating power of ol’ soul…works for me…hope it makes a good Impression on you (pun intended)!


    Okay that cracked me up!
    Sounds like you may be a neighbor as well (dc metro)

    Do you all think this was Cashman sending a message more to Boras than it was about Damon? I mentioned that to someone and of course they laughed at me. But having just read what was said between Boras and Cashman on LoHud I think it really may have been the case.


    Oh, my goodness, Peg…you mean there’s ANOTHER She-Fan Blog Freak in the D.C. metro area? After “latinyankeerebel” moved to Panama (she lived near Baltimore, I think), well, I thought I was the only Local Kray-zee. Nice to know if untrue — I work near Union Station in D.C. but live in Rock(and Roll)ville, former home of Joan Jett. Been gleefully torturing Jane & Co. with these postings for about a year now…
    Being blog-challenged (and lazy), haven’t found or read LoHud (or anything else; guess I’m just a One-Blog Man). Interesting what they have to say about Cash-Man and Bore-*** (sorry ’bout that one), but it wouldn’t surprise me in the least if you’re right on target. Whaddya think, Jane?

  8. Jane Heller

    Cat, if you were Michael’s nurse I’d be putting you on the She-Fan Cam all day and you’d never get any work done. But it would make things a lot more pleasant for both of us if you were there!

    I would like nothing better than to get him home from the hospital, Erin. But since everything slows down over the weekend at hospitals, we’re looking at sometime next week – I hope!

    I don’t know anything about Winn, personality wise, Kathleen. I hope he’ll be a good clubhouse presence. He’s a veteran, so he’s been around and might be a mentor for the younger guys. Will he be like Johnny, joking around and keeping everyone loose? I doubt it. (SOB)

    Michael will be very surprised to hear he has an “official fan club” here, Melissa! I told him about everybody’s good wishes yesterday, but I’ll have to read him the actual comments so he doesn’t think I’m just buttering him up! Very thoughtful of you to suggest the better broth and Jell-O, etc. The hospital does let you bring in food, but here’s the thing: Michael LIKES their food! I know. It’s weird. But aside from their broth being too salty, he doesn’t care. He just wants a steak!!! But they need to keep him on liquids in case he needs surgery. Funny anecdote about the Aussie Open. I was watching it too last night – the Serena match – and I didn’t hear the Manny Rivera comment. Darn. I would have laughed out loud! I’ll tell Michael about it though.

    Peg, what can we do but be optimistic about Winn? He’s ours. Johnny’s gone. (Love “Johnny Angel” and remember it from when I was a kid and everyone seemed to have a boyfriend named Johnny.) Maybe he really will have a bounce back year. Or maybe he’ll stink and Gardner will get all the playing time. Supposedly, he’s stolen 200 bases. Speed is good.

    Dave, I’m so glad you and Peg connected over being Yankee fans in the DC area! Maybe you guys can have a meet up when the Yanks play Baltimore. You can even sing together. LOL.

    What’s a “Yankee type,” indians? Just curious.

    Regarding Damon/Boras and Cashman, Peg and Dave, I honestly think Cashman had $2 million to spend on an outfielder and stuck to the budget for a change. I don’t think this was about sticking it to Boras. Hal said, “Here’s what you have to spend.” It’s the new fiscally responsible Yankees!

  9. rrrt

    Jane, glad to hear Michael is doing better. Hard to believe anyone actually likes hospital food! Don’t know too much about Randy Winn, but he probably does have a better throwing arm than Damon. I’ll keep beaming happy healing thoughts to you and Michael.
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  10. Jane Heller

    I should amend that, Sue. Michael likes hospital Jello-O! LOL. I just spoke to him on the phone and he said he’s dying for some pizza. Poor guy. Keep beaming those thoughts.

    I like that analogy, Holly. Lowell came to Boston with zero expectations and look what a hero he turned out to be. I’ll keep that in mind regarding Winn!

  11. irishsoxkid19

    Glad to hear Michael is doing better!! Winn has proved to be a great fielder and I’m sure it’s an upgrade from Damon, which is why Cashman probably signed him. When Mike Lowell came to Boston via trade, everyone thought that was bad for Boston because of his poor season with the Marlins. Next thing us fans knew, he had a breakout year and helped us win the World Series in 2007 and was the MVP. Have a good weekend!!

  12. kaiserthegreat

    You’d think 30-something year olds with bad 2009 seasons were a hot commodity this year, the way they’re being snatched up!

  13. Jane Heller

    Thanks so much for the good thoughts, A.J. Winn could have a bounce back year. As I wrote in the post, it happened to O’Neill. Imagine if Winn turned out to be a warrior type like Paulie. Yeah, I’m asking a lot!

  14. raysrenegade

    Here is a great story for you concerning Randy Winn.
    During an off season while he was playing for the Rays, he attended a basketball game and was selected to partake in a halftime event.
    It was a half court shot for a Chevy Geo. Well, as fate and the gods would have it, Winn made the shot and gave the car to his mother.
    Not sure if the car is still running, but this story will never die.
    Seriously though, he is a great player who has a good accurate arm and can the corner or centerfield position.
    Also is a consistent base-stealer and can hit for average. Has middle of the road power, but seems to get those timely hits. He would be a perfect substitute for Johnny Damon as a bargain price.
    I really think this was a wise pick-up by Cashman.

    Rays Renegade

  15. Jane Heller

    No need to hide behind the Trolley, Mike. We just have a different philosophy regarding Damon. I don’t think he’s a puppet under Boras’ control. I think he’s a guy who’s always wanted to make as much money as possible, and that’s OK with me. I wish he’d stayed with the Yankees, but he wasn’t about to take $2 million. So I thank him for his service and move on. No choice.

    I love that story, Renegade. And I appreciate your assessment of Winn. I was reading about his Devil Rays days and how he hit an inside-the-park grand slam against the Yanks when he was with Tampa. Not a bad way to start his career. If he gives us the kind of production he gave the Giants a couple of years ago, I’ll be ecstatic.

  16. Jane Heller

    They signed Winn because they didn’t want to spend what Damon and Boras were asking, jordani. Simple as that. I wanted Johnny back very badly, but the Yankees had a budget – shockingly!

  17. theheirloom

    Worse News: Damon’s talking to that kid GM in Toronto. I’m not liking this either…

    Better News: Great news about your husband! I’ll try not to make any jokes involving the phrase “watch it shimmer” in his honor.

  18. Jane Heller

    He’s still eating the Jell-O, Randy. The doc said today that, depending on a test he’s having tomorrow, he might upgrade him to “soft foods” – which means mashed potatoes. Woohoo! As for Damon and the Jays, I’d rather see him in another division/league but I’ll root for him wherever he goes.

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