In Sickness And In Health…The Yankees Endure

My husband Michael went to Santa Barbara’s Cottage Hospital early this morning. (The cause was a sudden infection related to a chronic illness. He was in pain, had a fever and was feeling horrible. It was scary.) We waited in the ER for many hours during which he was poked, palpated, CT-scanned, you name it. It was 4 o’clock by the time they finally admitted him and put him in a semi-private room. 
No, his roommate wasn’t Jack Nicholson or Morgan Freeman, but the guy was sound asleep when Michael arrived – a blessing. I’ll make this short, because it’s been a long, depressing day, but I just had to share a funny light at the end of the tunnel. (No, it has nothing to do with Damon. And yes, I read that Nady went to the Cubs.) As I was trying to cheer Michael up, his nurse walked in and introduced herself. When I remembered I had the She-Fan Cam in my bag, as I always do, I asked if she would let me record her. I know, I know. I was in my husband’s hospital room, not at a baseball game, but I pressed on anyway. Imagine my surprise when – without any prodding whatsoever – she turned out to be a Yankee fan. She got my husband to laugh and she reminded me that the pinstripes appear when you least expect them to. Here she is in her own words.
Thanks to everybody on Twitter who sent good wishes to Michael and me. They’re much appreciated. As of now, he’ll probably be in the hospital for another four or five days – plenty of time for him to get well….and for me to interview his nurses. πŸ™‚


  1. Erin Kathleen

    OMG, poor Michael. How’s he doing? How are you holding up? Both of you are in my thoughts and prayers. At least it looks like you’re in good hands :)-Erin

  2. angelsgirl012

    That’s not good news at all! I’m sorry and my best wishes to your husband.

    Rachel seems lovely! Very sweet! What a coincidence! You have met another Yankee fan :D. That must mean something good is going to happen.

    Till Then


  3. raysrenegade

    Only the baseball gods would do something wonderful like that for Michael and you as to give you a pinstripe-loving nurse.
    Guess it is really true that no matter where you go in this world……somewhere in that small crowd is a New York Yankees fan.
    Even out in sunny So Cal would a professional woman just pop up and be a transplanted She-Fan for a cameo moment on the now famous She-Fan Cam.
    Hope it is just a minor flare-up and Michael is back to his sailboat magazines real soon.
    Oh! maybe it is a delayed reaction from all those hot dogs during your 2007 Yankee adventure finally seeking revenge….just a thought.

    Rays Renegade


    My best to your hubby, Jane. Timing is everything in most medical emergencies and it sounds like you took action quickly. The Good Wife.

    As to the Yankees, I now hear that Rocco Baldelli may be available. He could be the answer to our problem.

    But the important thing is your husband. He’s in our prayers and I’m sure all will be well. Remember to take care of yourself during this time too, Jane. You have to be there.


    Sending you both big hugs and good thoughts. Hospital stays are always stressful for everyone involved. Glad you have a “smart” nurse to keep Michael comfortable. She was delightful.

    Do what you need to, Jane. Blog away if it’s helpful, but we’ll all understand if you take a break as well.

  6. ladyjane303

    Jane – Sending my wishes for a speedy recovery for Michael. If the collective good will of the She-Fan community is worth anything, it will be smooth sailing again very soon. Hang in there,

  7. cheshirecat9

    Jane, Sending good energy out West for a speedy recovery for Michael. You sure run into a lot of Yankee fans out there in California! Way to always be prepared with the She-Fan Cam!

  8. rrrt

    Jane, I’m so sorry to hear that Michael is in the hospital! It sounds like you both had a very long and very trying (and tiring) day. I will mentally beam my get-well wishes out west to him! Tell him even a Phillies fan hopes he gets well soon!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  9. thefreak

    All the best and speedy recovery to Mr She-fan.

    two words: Jon Garland is in San Dieago on a one-year deal for $5.3 million. Ok so thats more then two words. But Garland gets $5.3 when we just traded for a #4 pitcher that gets how much? Now if they would’ve gotten Garland……. Damon would be back in left.

    And if Woody (Woodpecker) had gone to the police, none of this would’ve happened



    Dear Jane,

    Those of us who have read your book know about Michael and I’m glad you are home in Santa Barbara and not out on the road. I guess it will give you time to really dwell on Johnny as is the rest of the Yankee world. Did you get to read the sweet post by the 15 year old that lives in the bay area on LoHud yesterday? It brought tears to my eyes.

    I’m glad you are skinny – my Weight Watchers members always gain weight when they have someone in the hosptial. Maybe you should eat turkey sandwiches everyday until he’s out!

    Give my Michael a big hug!


  11. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Mike. xxoo right back at you.

    I’m doing much better this morning after a good night’s sleep, Erin! I’l be going to the hospital to see Michael in a couple of hours and will report back later.

    I saw your Living Dodgers post, Emma, and it was very well researched! I left a comment about Don Newcombe and how exciting it was to meet him.

    It was such a coincidence when Rachel said she was a Yankee fan, Mimi. I never expected those words to pop out of her mouth.

    HAHAHA, levelboss. Rachel is fetching. But she’s married with two kids. Sorry!

    The baseball gods were certainly looking out for us last night, Renegade. I thought Rachel was going to say, “I’m a Dodger fan” since she had just told us she was born and raised in Santa Barbara. But no! So funny in an otherwise unfunny situation. Nope, it wasn’t the hot dogs that did it to Michael this time. His infection is in his neck/jaw/throat, not his gut!

    You’re so right, Diane. Timing is everything and I hope by getting Michael to the ER fast we nipped this in the bud. I know the Yankees have been circling around Baldelli, or so I’ve read, but he hasn’t been an everyday player in a long time. Don’t we have concerns about his durability?

    Hugs back to you, Melissa. Sitting in the hospital is stressful but tweeting while I’m there and blogging last night were fun and gave me a break from all the medical stuff. So we’ll see what today brings. Maybe I’ll find a cute doctor to interview!

    Thanks so much, Randy. I know everything will go smoothly with everybody’s good thoughts. Can’t miss!

    The collective good will has been so heartening, ladyjane. When I told Michael on the phone a few minutes ago about all the comments, he was so touched!

    The nurse did make us smile, Peg, and it was the first time all day so it was really special. She was our little Yankee fan angel!

    That She-Fan Cam captures interesting characters wherever I find them, cheshirecat. Notice how I kept Michael and his roommate out of view. I don’t want to get sued for violating patient privacy!!!!

    Thanks, Sue. The good news is this didn’t happen while we were in Tampa for spring training! I kept thinking about that all day yesterday. Whew.

    I’ll tell Mr. She-Fan, Mike. LOL. Ah yes, Garland. And Damon. And Woody Woodpecker. Maybe we could sign Woody to play left?

    I’m very glad we weren’t on the road when Michael got sick, Laurie. You’re sooo right. It was the very thing I feared during the writing of the book. I did read the post by the 15 year old and it was terrific. I don’t think there’s any chance I’ll gain weight during this time even without any exercise. The food in the hospital cafeteria is – how can I put this – BAAAAD. I’ll give Michael that hug.


    Jane…this is the first I’ve heard, and like everyone I feel SO bad for you, and hope that Michael is improving daily, if not sooner. Rays Renegade put it best, as he often does…the baseball gods were indeed looking over you…don’t know if you can call it serendipitous, but there it is. A pinstriped silver lining. Please get some rest YOURSELF…as another blogger said, if you take a break from this bloggin’ mess, we will all understand. After all, if you plan on being a “jaybird” with a pint of grog on Michael’s boat in the good weather, then let’s get that crusty ol’ skipper in ship shape!

  13. Jane Heller

    Just spoke to Michael and he said he’s about the same, Dave. But at least he’s not worse! I will get some rest. I have work to do this morning, then will head over to the hospital. Don’t worry about me. I’m used to this, unfortunately.

    The nurse was adorable, Paul. Too bad she won’t be on duty today. She said she’s off on Wednesdays, so we’ll see which nurse is there and what her baseball affiliation is, if any. I don’t plan on roaming the halls with the Cam, but let’s hope I don’t get kicked out!


    Hiya back…no matter what you say, young lady, I (we) still will worry about ya, just because…and because we’re good at it (worrying, that is)! But to relax your brain just a smidge, here’s the latest little tidbit from “The Big Bam” about the Babe…it’s 1920, his first spring training with N.Y.:
    “At the end of camp, the club went south [from Jax!] for a 3-game series with the Reds. The first two games were in Miami, the third at the Royal Poinciana Hotel in Palm Beach. The idea for that game was to put on a show for the rich and privileged guests…The makeshift field had been roped off on a cricket grounds normally used by Caribbean workers…this caused certain irregularities, the most glaring of which was a palm tree situated in the middle of center field.
    …In the first inning of the game…everyone squinting in the sunlight, the portable stands filled with high-society millionaires, a fly ball was hit to center field, where the Babe was playing. He went into a hungover gallop and ran directly into the palm tree, which won the collision by a knockout.”

  15. ooaooa

    Just logged in at 3pm eastern. Had jury duty and was screened for the big Cheshire CT murder case. Was not picked. Sorry to hear about Michael. Tell him get well, spring training is near.
    Amazing to get a Yankee nurse. Now if you can only get that root canel lady in the fold.

  16. irishsoxkid19

    Jane, I hope Michael gets better soon. Maybe Johnny Damon will change his mind and come back to the Yankees. As for Nady, well, at least he can go to a team and help them. That’s what Jason Bay probably was thinking when he signed with the Mets. Hope all’s well with Michael. Will be thinking of you two.

  17. bklyntrolleyblogger

    Get well soon Michael!!! Jane I guess this isn’t be the best time to tell you the Yanks signed Randy Wynn. Looks like Damon needs employment elsewhere. Bad time right?
    (walking away sheepishly with my head hanging) Sorry!

  18. Jane Heller

    Dave, you worked your magic. I just read your Babe anecdote to Michael and he laughed. Good job!

    John, aren’t you glad you didn’t get picked for that murder trial?you could have been on jury duty for weeks! Very relieved Michael didn’t have his medical adventure while we were in Tampa!

    You’re so right, Jeff. Baseball is the ultimate people-connector. The nurse Michael has today isn’t as chatty but maybe she likes baseball too. Will bug her. Lol.

  19. Jane Heller

    Thanks so much for the good thoughts, Holly!

    You too, Mike. I don’t like the Randy Wynn deal but maybe Cashman thinks a change of scenery will boost his batting average. Sure hope so.

  20. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Cat. I sure wish you worked at this hospital so you and I could be talking baseball. The doctor just walked into Michael’s room and he looked too serious for me to even ask, “Hey, are you a baseball fan?” lol


    Jane- I send my best wishes to you and your hubby. I hope it’s nothing serious. The nurse seems awesome. I was also excited to see your video because you’ve inspired me (from previous she-cam clips) to order one of those little flip cameras (is that what you use? ) I’m calling it the Mommy cam -so that I can film my son’s wrestling matches and share them with my dad. I hope I can handle it! I just ordered it last night. By the way, if all Rachel know about sports is the Yankees, it seems to me like she knows enough! Good luck with everything. -Ellen

  22. Jane Heller

    Thanks for your concern, Ellen, and glad you liked the video. Yes, I use the Flip and it’s so easy. You just point and record and upload to YouTube or wherever. You’ll really enjoy it.


    It’s been pretty hetic lately so I haven’t been on here as often. So sorry to hear about Michael!!! Hope he feels better soon and that you both are getting some needed rest!!!


    jane– i hope michael feels better and i hope the news of winn signing (otherwise known as your johnny really isn’t coming back as we stockpile mediocre corner outfielders) doesn’t send you into the bed next to him. remember we have good pitching, a good bullpen (in robertson and mo we trust) and a good offense even without damonic. and remember we are the champions (you can say it with or without the song playing in your head). take good care, barbara

  25. leafiz

    i just muted the state of the union address to watch your video and it was much more entertaining and uplifting then this speech! you need more applause in it! πŸ˜‰
    there’s no better way to bring get well vibes than a nurse who is a yankee fan! take care!


    Oh, Jane! I just signed on at 9:48 eastern time! I am sending my best wishes and thoughts to you and Michael. Please take care of each other. Johnny who? (I heard today that Tampa Bay is interested in him. We also got Randy Winn.) You can find Yankee fans everywhere!
    Good thoughts, Kathleen

  27. Jane Heller

    I hope the “hectic” has been in a good way, wirishrose. Thanks for your thoughts about Michael. We’re both exhausted but hanging in!

    I was sitting in Michael’s hospital room when I read about Winn on my iPhone, Barbara. I read him the news and he rolled over and went back to sleep. So much for that excitement! I’m sad about Damon, but I’ll get over it. In Cashman we trust. (What choice do we have?)

    I just got home and have the State of the Union address on in the background as I’m typing this, Courtney. I wish I had another cute video to post, but Michael’s nurse today was more business like than Rachel. I didn’t get to ask the new one about her baseball affiliation. πŸ™‚

  28. Jane Heller

    Thanks, Kathleen. I appreciate your good wishes. And yes, I heard about Winn. I’m about to write a post about him right now!

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