Soaking Wet in Minny

Personally, I’d hate to have somebody drench me with iced cold champagne. I’d rather drink it than wear it.
Get drenched at Water Splashing Festival, Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province (3).jpg
But whatever makes the Yankees happy makes me happy too, and did they ever look happy after Mo recorded the final out in their 4-1 victory over the Twins.
Despite the sweep, tonight’s game was just as nerve-wracking as the others. I mean, did I expect a tense pitcher’s duel between Pettitte and Pavano? No. And yet there they were, going toe to toe for six shutout innings.
Mauer’s RBI single put the Twins up 1-0, but A-Rod (the Yankees’ new Mr. Clutch) tied the score with a solo shot and Jorge pulled the Yanks ahead with one of his own. Suddenly, we were into the pens.
Hughes was on the mound in the eighth when Nick Punto committed a baserunning gaffe and Jeter made another one of his dazzling, intangible, where-did-that-come-from plays. I couldn’t believe it when he threw home and Jorge threw to third and they nabbed Punto. It was almost as much fun to watch as Derek’s famous flip play, although the one below isn’t bad either.
I have to say I was surprised to see how shaky Joe Nathan was in this series. He’s one of the best closers in baseball, and yet the Yankees got to him again tonight. But in the end, this game was about Andy Pettitte.
He went six-plus, gave up a measly one run on three hits with seven K’s and a walk, and tied John Smoltz for a record 15 postseason wins. And to think the Yankees almost didn’t sign him this year. What would we have done without him, especially with Wang going down and Joba under-performing? There would have been a lot of this on the team, that’s what.
And A-Rod. Seriously. Six RBIs in the ALDS? He’s been the exact opposite of this.
So now it’s on to the ALCS and a meet-up with the Angels. Is it possible to look forward to something and dread it at the same time? They’re a great team, but I think the Yankees have finally figured out how to beat them. What’s more, we’ve been knocking off teams in red uniforms a lot lately. I say bring it, Halos.


  1. levelboss

    .. i’m watching the Colorado-Philly game, and Emma’s right, it looks way cold there! i’m wondering why the new Yankee Stadium didn’t get fitted for a retractable roof..

    at least the Yankees are gonna play Anaheim where the weather would be warmer than in Boston; if the Yankees play the Dodgers in the World Series, then at least for some games the weather would be relatively warmer too!

  2. crzblue2

    Congratulations Jane! Your posts are always so entertaining. Love the toe picture!
    Llike you, I rather drink the champagne than wear it. One glass is enough for me or else I get a headache.
    Did you see the temperature in Colorado? Ouch! And as I typing this I see Giambi without a long sleeve.
    I hope you will have a pep talk with the Yankees so they can beat the Angels.

  3. Jane Heller

    Levelboss, the weather will be better in Anaheim, although there’s a system coming through later this week that’s supposed to bring rain. Given the drought we’ve had, I’ll believe it when I see it! I’m just hoping I’ll be able to go to one of the games at Angel Stadium.

    I can’t imagine playing in those cold Colorado temps, Emma. Brrrr. As Levelboss pointed out, at least the Yankees will get to play the Angels in relative comfort. But you’re right – I need to give the team a pep talk before Friday. I have many things they need to hear in order to beat the Angels!

  4. lenn23

    Yes! We finally got past the first round of the playoffs! I used to take these first round series for granted back in the late 90’s and early whatever this decade is called when we used to win them all the time. Not anymore. I’m going to enjoy this! Got to do better hitting against the Angels though. Since when did Blackburn and Pavano become pitching studs?! This next series is going to be epic. At least I won’t have to hear how the Angels are such a group of plucky underdogs over and over again like the Twins were. That narrative got old pretty quick.


    Another great victory for our boys. Excellent pitching, clutch hitting and big defensive plays, especially when the opposition makes running mistakes. That’s what I call baseball. Although Pavano got the loss there is no doubt that he did what he needed to do to get an excellent deal from some team next year. I only hope its not Boston. (He’s also really, really hot and if he decides to leave baseball I’m sure he could get a job as a male model just about anywhere!)

    And speaking of the Sux, as a Yankees fan I could not be happier with the way they were swept yesterday. Must have been tough for their fans to watch Papsmear blow such a game to let the team end the season badly at home.

    We were in upstate NY the whole weekend and actually only got to enjoy our sweep on the radio – but I’ll take it anyway we can get it. We have a nice rest now and start the next round on Friday at home. GO YANKEES!!!


    Awesome blog Jane -as always your visuals are stupendous. How did you find that video of the ball girl? At least someone tries! It’s funny how I just kept looking at Pavano and thinking wow he’s really good! But Andy was great and I am so happy for him and the Yankees, of course. The game are always nerve -wracking and you describe it perfectly -look forward and dread at the same time. Looks like I might get to go to the Bronx on Sat. with my Dad -can’t wait. Go Yankees!

  7. swanton7

    Even though the party will be short lived, in typical Yankee fashion, it’s awesome to see them get back to the ALCS after 5 years! We have a tough challenge in front of us, but I think we’ll overcome the odds. MVP for A-Rod if he keeps this up, ya know? We are one step closer to our destiny! Keep the champagne coming! This is our year, Jane!

  8. scofid

    Jeter’s play, with an assist by Posada, to nail Punto was great! It quickly quieted the Metrodome crowd, and they were never in it again. But I have to admit that the ballgirl catch might have been better! Nevertheless, it’s now time for ‘Angels & Demons’…we need to conquer both if we are to advance to the World Series. It should be a great series, and hopefully we’ll fare better against the Halos than the Red Sox did.


  9. cheshirecat9

    Wow, that catch by the ball girl was amazing! If they ever make a Spider-Girl movie they should cast her. I was looking forward to beating Boston in the ALCS, but the Angels will be equally as satisfying to defeat. I love the fact that Paplebaum has the whole off-season to think about blowing this game. As I feared it was a close game last night but we came out ahead! Now I just have to kill five days until Friday… maybe I’ll get some work done so I don’t get fired…

  10. Jane Heller

    “When did Blackburn and Pavano become pitching studs?” Beats me, Len, but they were. Jeter kept saying after the game that it’s hard to score runs in the postseason, and I guess I’d forgotten HOW hard. If A-Rod hadn’t hit that HR to tie things up, we might not be celebrating today. But he did and we don’t have to hear the narrative about the underdog Twins anymore. Unfortunately, we’ll be hearing a lot about how we’ve had so much trouble beating the Angels in the postseason. Ugh.

    The ball girl’s catch was great, wasn’t it, Ted? I didn’t watch Phillies-Rockies but did see the highlights and Lidge’s save. I’m sure Phillies fans were holding their collective breath.

    You think Pavano’s hot, Diane? Well, that’s what makes horse races, as my mother would say. I can’t stand his lip curl/snarl when he pitches, but he did throw a great game. So now the Yanks fly home and maybe rest for a day, but then it’s back out there to get ready for the Angels. The task won’t be easy, but if the pitching holds up we’ll be in great shape! Also, we need Damon to come around. He’s looked lost out there.

    Ellen, you’re going to the game on Saturday? Wow. Lucky you. I’m hoping to go to a game in Anaheim Monday or Tuesday. Yes, Pavano was really good, but Andy was better. He seemed really excited to be pitching so well at this stage of the season. Good for him! I found the video of the ball girl’s catch when I was looking for Jeter’s flip play. LOL!

    Cat, I would so love to see a Yankees-Dodgers World Series. Today’s NY Times even had a column about how good it would be for baseball. (Wish I had the link.) But we both have a long way to go before we get there. Fingers crossed though!

    Sounds good, John. I will do all I can from this end of the country and you do the same from yours! Deal!

    I really do think this is our year, Brian. I know the Angels are playing with the mission, but the Yankees are hungry to be back in contention for the trophy. They’re two hot clubs and it’ll be interesting to see which one prevails. My feeling is that if A-Rod continues to hit like he’s been hitting (and the pitching continues to dominate), we’re in!

    Scott, that Jeter/Posada play happened so fast I had to watch it again and again just to make sure I saw it correctly! Fantastic stuff. And yes, now it’s on to the Angels. They’re looking great, no question, and their series with the Sox made me wish we still had Abreu. He was not to be stopped! But we can do it. We can. That’s what I keep telling myself. 🙂

    I was thinking the same thing about work, cheshirecat. We have a whole week without baseball so there’s no excuse for slacking off!!! Good idea about the ball girl and Spider man. She could be a stunt double or something.

    Oh, Steve. I hope your NY brothers aren’t giving you a hard time! The woman who designs and manages my web site is a diehard Red Sox fan and I sent her condolences yesterday. She wrote back, “It wasn’t our year because I didn’t get to go to any games.” So you see? It wasn’t meant to be!

    Derek Jeter IS a baseball genius, Paul, as well as a baseball god. I had to laugh when the Twins fans started a brief “Jeter sucks” chant. That was like chanting “Cal Ripken sucks.”

    No, ladyjane. The Angels won’t be easy. But at least we beat them late in the season in Anaheim, so the rally monkey is off our back, so to speak. The key (besides pitching and offense) will be NO MENTAL MISTAKES. That means Swisher can’t forget how many balls and strikes there are!

    I found the toes pic on google images, letsgoyankees. Just did a search for “toes.”

  11. dj2jd5jm7

    I’ve just begun following your blog and think it is fabulous!! The photos you find to supplement your thoughts are genius. I always get a laugh outta them.

    If A-Rod, Sabathia, and Burnett continue to overcome their post-season pasts, we’ve got a great chance to go all the way! The Jeter-Posada play not only comes from intelligence and experience, but also TEAMWORK!! They have played together so long, they are always on the same wavelength. I believe that is the difference this year. A-Rod and the Yankees have learned to play as a TEAM and that is the way to lead!

  12. Jane Heller

    So glad you’ve been dropping by, dj2jd5jm7. (From now on, can I shorten it to dj?) I try to tell the story of the games and/or whatever’s going on in Yankeeland with a laugh, but the Yanks will have to be very serious if they want to beat the Angels. I think you’re absolutely right about the Jeter-Posada play. Their teamwork was in evidence, and it was great to see. And A-Rod seems to have tried to make himself “one of the guys,” and it’s obviously working!


    Loved that ball girl catch – amazing!!!
    As was Jeter’s play. He is such a great player. Those fundamentals are so important. He contributes in so many, many ways.
    Now we have to wait until FRIDAY to see the Yanks play again!!!!
    As for the retractable roof, even the new Twins ballpark won’t have one. Those babies cost $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
    Loved your comment about the “Jeter sucks” chant. What the heck? How can anyone even think that? That would be like saying “Mauer sucks” and I know any true baseball fan could never say that.
    Which brings up a pet peeve of mine – what happened to supporting your team? I get so pissed when people boo a player who has contributed to the team all season and then has a bad day.
    Pavano? Yeah, I can see booing him!

  14. Jane Heller

    One down and two to go, Buz (including the final act)! It’s so weird to have a week without Yankees baseball though.

    Friday does seem like an eternity, doesn’t it, Melissa? Yeah, I was surprised by the chant about Jeter. I know he’s used to it and probably shrugs it off as part of the game. It bothered me though. But I know I’ll hear worse if I go to Anaheim next week. Maybe I should bring earplugs!

  15. Jane Heller

    Nope. It won’t be easy, Lisa. But I have confidence in CC/AJ/Andy and if Damon comes around and Hughes can settle down, I’ll feel even better. The good news is that our stomachs don’t have to hurt until Friday!

  16. ibleedpinstripes

    Seeing a champagne celebration after a series win for our boys will never, I repeat, NEVER get old. This series was big for our top 3 starters – they performed marvelously. I’m excited to see how this next series is gonna play out… I have a feeling that it won’t be so easy this time around.

    – Lisa

  17. junojen

    Congratulations, Jane. (Notice no exclamation point.) I’m happy for you but wow – my season is ov-ah. I have a big empty spot in my life now. How will I ever make it to opening day at Fenway on 4/5/10 (against your NYYs)? I guess it’s time for me to take up knitting – ha ha!

    Seriously, your guys look absolutely unstoppable. I believe this is your year. If you write a book about your season of blogging, please remember to include us Red Sox fans who have been more than kind on your blog. ha ha!

    Have fun in Anaheim!


  18. Jane Heller

    Sorry, Jen. I know that empty feeling and it’s not fun at all. But I also know how fast times goes. I thought I’d never make it when the Yankees were out of it last year and I had to wait until February. But it flew by. I hope you’re right about the Yankees’ chances. And if I do write about the season, you’ll be there – a great example of how a Yankee fan and a Red Sox fan can not only coexist but support each other.

  19. robinlyn

    Hi Jane!

    I just stumbled on your blog and love it. I am a die hard Yankee fan since I went to my first game in Toronto (i live in Buffalo). Unfortunately my friends think I’m crazy,and for some reason are going about their life like it’s not post season and think I shouldn’t plan my activities around games! But I’m glad I found a place with other fans and woman fans since I am lacking that in my life. Keep up the great writing and I’m going to go out and buy your book.


  20. Jane Heller

    Welcome, Robin! So glad you found the blog and are excited about the book. I hope you get a laugh or two from it. I’m sure you’ll relate to my adventures, since you’re a she-fan yourself. I’ve found the blog to be a great way to connect with other Yankee fans, especially since I’m all the way out here in CA. So you live in Buffalo? I went to college at the U of R and used to play Buffalo when I was on the tennis team. It was always snowing! BRRRRRR. As for planning your schedule around the games? My friends have given up on me. They know the Yankees come first! LOL.

  21. dj2jd5jm7

    Another thing to love about your blog is that you respond to and keep a conversation going with those who comment. You sure can shorten my “name” to dj — it stands for Derek Jeter!! Yes, I love him (as do many girls and women). I have been a true fan of him since his rookie year.

    I totally agree with you. I am a Yankees fan in Iowa/Nebraska and no one seems to understand that this year and post-season are HUGE for Yankee fans. I know there are many women fans in baseball, but apparently we do not all live near each other. I am thankful for this opportunity to connect with other baseball (esp Yankee)-loving women! I too am looking forward to purchasing and reading Jane’s book.

  22. Jane Heller

    That’s the part of blogging I love the most, dj – connecting with commenters and having them connect with each other. I like the idea that we’ve started a networking site for Yankee fans who don’t all live in the NY area. We’re in this together!

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