Melky Cabrera Stars In Epic Remake Of “Atonement”


In December, he was nearly traded to the Brewers for Mike Cameron. In March, he lost the center field job to Brett Gardner. And on April 16th, Opening Day at the Yankees’ Home Run Palace, he was stuck on the bench, a lonely soul relegated to the shadows. Why? Because he couldn’t hit, took odd routes to the ball, and refused to stop sliding head-first.
Today, after striking out with the bases loaded in the seventh, Miguel (aka “Melky”) Cabrera finally atoned for his sins.
In the bottom of the 14th inning of a nearly five-hour contest against the A’s, he hit his second homer of the game – a walkoff that resulted in the Yankees’ 9-7 victory.
Yes, he was joyful, as were his teammates.
And, long after the game was over, the celebrations continued around the world.
She-Fans sang his praises.
He-Fans chanted his name.
And one Yankee fan toasted him a few times too many.
Melky’s heroics did not obscure the fact that CC had a miserable outing, giving back every lead the offense handed him. (“Everything was off,” he told reporters. Swell.) And what was up with Damon’s misplay of Giambi’s little flare? With Posada not covering home for Jeter’s throw? With Suzuki morphing into a Yankee killer?
Who cares. The bullpen was spectacular, especially Veras. Matsui’s got the pop back in his bat. Cano and Tex have been playing like Gold Glovers. And the Yankees won both games of the rain-abbreviated series. 
Let the celebrating continue.


  1. juliasrants

    I was surprised when I read about no one covering home for Jeter to throw to last night! Sounds like a play the O’s had in Fenway when 4 guys rushed to cover 3rd so Youk couldn’t advance. It lead the announcers to ask if a team meeting had been called. Perhaps the Yankees were just following the O’s lead and calling a team meeting on first! It does drive a fan crazy when we see the fundamentals of the game forgotten.


  2. mikeeff

    for me it would take a lot more than this one game for Melky to atone for all the sins he has committed. this game was very hard to take despite the W. Sabathia looking bad again, girardi mismanaging. yes, the bullpen was magnificent and veras starred in the remake of the shawshank redemption. thyank god we won..that’s all i can say i guess 🙂


    Miz J, I couldn’t begin to imagine where you find all those fabulous videos, but whatever you’re doing, KEEP IT UP!! Which is also about all I can say about Los Janquis lately…other than another daily great play by Tex, it feels like they’ll be hitting a brick wall any day now, maybe any hour, so I’m preparing myself — BTW, where IS that jolly pub where those blokes all singalong to Tom Jones on the accordion??


    Miz J, I couldn’t begin to imagine where you find all those fabulous videos, but whatever you’re doing, KEEP IT UP!! Which is also about all I can say about Los Janquis lately…other than another daily great play by Tex, it feels like they’ll be hitting a brick wall any day now, maybe any hour, so I’m preparing myself — BTW, where IS that jolly pub where those blokes all singalong to Tom Jones on the accordion??

  5. Jane Heller

    Julia, Posada was covering first because Tex wasn’t there and he thought Jeter would throw over to complete the DP instead of going home. It was actually pretty funny watching Derek’s ball sail to the backstop. Haven’t seen one that before!

    Russ, Melky has had this irritating habit of sliding head first – INTO FIRST! What’s wrong with that? It’s unnecessary and silly and potentially dangerous. He’s been told to stop doing it but he’s stubborn.

    Jeff, CC’s starts have been disappointing, no doubt about it. Everybody says he’s a slow starter, so I’m hoping that means May is when he gets going.

    I’m not sure, Greg. I’m a pretty lame hitter. I tap back to the pitcher a lot. 🙂

    I don’t know what to make of all the homers, Steve, because yesterday was dead calm and most of those balls were just plain tagged. I think part of it is lousy pitching.

    Mike, are you thinking Girardi should have used Mo for the 10th? Or was it the fact that he left Marte in, after the leadoff walk, to pitch to the right-handed Suzuki who’d been killing us for two games????

    They probably passed out after the song, Jenn.

    Dave, I forget where that pub was, but the boys sure were enjoying themselves.

  6. Jane Heller

    Melky marches to the beat of his own drummer, Canuck. I guess that’s the only explanation for the head-first thing.


    Looks like Melky is making a bid to get his old starting job back. Good for him. This team should have gone with him as the starting CF from the start. Gardner has not shown that he is ready for the majors yet and is showing it. Granted he has speed, but speed doesn’t mean anything if you can’t get on base. Gardner’s OBP is putrid right now. Melky has better intangibles as he has a little more power than Gardner and has shown he can hit close to .250 even his worst season (last season). Gardner’s days are numbered.

  8. Jane Heller

    I love that Melky hit the walkoff, Matthew, but he struck out with bases loaded and he doesn’t have Gardner’s speed. (I agree that Gardner needs to improve his OBP.) I think it’s great that we have both of them and Girardi can go with whoever’s hot. Having lost Nady, we don’t have much of a bench right now.


    Yes, but Gardner also popped out in the same situation. Melky has a better arm than Gardner, and as we saw has a better bat with more power. Regardless of who is starting in CF this team doesn’t have much of a bench, and if Gardner doesn’t start hitting he could find himself back in the minors. He won’t develop as a hitter sitting on the bench.

  10. Jane Heller

    True about Melky’s arm, Matthew. And we need Gardner to get on base. I guess Joe will go with the hot hand for now. If neither player gets it done, we could be looking at a new center fielder after the trade deadline.

    A walkoff HR does make up for a lot, Erin. Suddenly, all is forgiven. In these extra-inning marathons, the hero is usually someone we least expect.

  11. mikeeff

    matthew – melky has had 3 years to show what he can’t do. which is almost everything. his D is middling at best with really only his cannon of an arm as an asset. he’s slow. he takes bad routes. he’s very bad base runner and he’s a bad hitter. Gardner may not work out as the yankee CF but lets not compare a very small sample size of at bats to melky’s pathetic career.

  12. junojen

    Wow… I thought only Red Sox fans from South Boston drank shots like that! Most impressive!

    Glad Melky hit the walk off for you. Another tick mark in the W column. Life is good — at least for one more day, right?

  13. raysrenegade

    Melky is one of those guys that doesn’t seem to fit the NY on his cap.
    What is that old Batman movie quote, ” An enigma wrapped in a riddle”. But I mean that in a good way. The guy might have been put into that NY crock pot before he was ready for the pressure, but it might have finally clicked on him how to handle it now.
    He was filling big shoes before when they dismissed Bernie, and all the heat came on his shoulders. But he did rebound great last night and show he can be the man in NY when he needs to be………

    Rays Renegade

  14. Jane Heller

    Mike, tell us how you really feel about the Melkman!

    Yep, Jennifer. Life is good after the “W.” Now I’m bracing for the weekend at Fenway. My stomach is churning already.

    They broke the mold when they made Melky, Renegade. He’s a character and he does have his strengths as a player. But do I see him as the Yankees’ everyday CF-er? Not in the long run. That job will belong to Austin Jackson whenever he’s ready for prime time.



    Neither player is the ideal CF, but at least I would want a hitter who has shown he could hit at least .270 (something he has done twice already)in a game like yesterday’s rather than someone who can’t like Gardner, and he showed why. Gardner could only dream of having a game like Melky had. Melky may not be anything more than a #4 OF but he is a definite upgrade than Gardner.


    I’d rather have someone who can generate offense as a starter, and AB with the game on the line than someone who can’t.

  17. Jane Heller

    I can’t believe you were there for that game either, V. Will head over and take a look.

    Let’s hope Joba can get it done, Letsgoyankees. One game at a time. That’s what I’m thinking.

  18. Jane Heller

    I like the homegrown Yankees too, kmcleod. That’s what makes the competition between Melky and Gardner even more tricky – they’re both homegrown.

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