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Triple Play!

I know. That’s a lot of A-Rod, but he started the play and it was fun to watch. I’d never seen one in real time. And it was extra satisfying since Suzuki was the unlucky recipient and he’d hit a three-run shot off CC in the first inning. The guy just feasts off Yankees pitching.
CC was all over the place – six walks? – but he only gave up four runs and ended up throwing a complete game. If the Yankees had mustered some offense, not counting the solo shots by Thames and Tex, he could easily have squeezed out a “W.” Instead, their winning streak, like all good things, came to an end.
Actually, I’m not crying at all. We won another series. Tex looks like he might be waking up from his April slumber. A-Rod is playing a nifty third base. Nick Johnson didn’t break a bone playing first base. We didn’t have to use Mo again. Life is sweet.

Melky Cabrera Stars In Epic Remake Of “Atonement”


In December, he was nearly traded to the Brewers for Mike Cameron. In March, he lost the center field job to Brett Gardner. And on April 16th, Opening Day at the Yankees’ Home Run Palace, he was stuck on the bench, a lonely soul relegated to the shadows. Why? Because he couldn’t hit, took odd routes to the ball, and refused to stop sliding head-first.
Today, after striking out with the bases loaded in the seventh, Miguel (aka “Melky”) Cabrera finally atoned for his sins.
In the bottom of the 14th inning of a nearly five-hour contest against the A’s, he hit his second homer of the game – a walkoff that resulted in the Yankees’ 9-7 victory.
Yes, he was joyful, as were his teammates.
And, long after the game was over, the celebrations continued around the world.
She-Fans sang his praises.
He-Fans chanted his name.
And one Yankee fan toasted him a few times too many.
Melky’s heroics did not obscure the fact that CC had a miserable outing, giving back every lead the offense handed him. (“Everything was off,” he told reporters. Swell.) And what was up with Damon’s misplay of Giambi’s little flare? With Posada not covering home for Jeter’s throw? With Suzuki morphing into a Yankee killer?
Who cares. The bullpen was spectacular, especially Veras. Matsui’s got the pop back in his bat. Cano and Tex have been playing like Gold Glovers. And the Yankees won both games of the rain-abbreviated series. 
Let the celebrating continue.