I’ve Missed You, Jorge

How cool is it to have Posada back in the mix. I almost forgot what a presence he is because he’s been gone for so long. He may not be playing yet but he’s talking. He told Michael Kay that Joba should be a reliever, not a starter, and ignited The Great Debate all over again. I happen to agree with him by the way (Mo won’t be our closer forever and we need a good setup man in the meantime, like Mo was for Wetteland), but I’m sure I’m in the minority among Yankee fans.

Back to JoPo. I love his fire. Who can forget his dugout fight with El Duque? He tells it like it is and could have been kicking Cano’s butt all these months. Like Jeter, Pettitte and Mo, he’s never missed a postseason and must be mighty bummed about the Yankees sitting out this one. I remember in the off season when he was deciding between returning to the Yanks and signing with the Mets. He was asked about the state of the Yankees’ pitching. He didn’t say a word about Hughes or Kennedy. What he said was: “We need to go out and get SANTANA.” He’s a catcher, for God’s sake. He knew the kids weren’t ready for prime time. If only the organization had listened to him.
Not much to say about the Yankees’ win over the White Sox tonight except that I’m really liking Aceves and Coke.


  1. yankeeblogger

    Thanks for the comment in my blog. I’d love to write a novel if I could just come up with a good idea. I’ve written a ton of short stories, but never anything extensive. I love to imagine, though.
    You’re dead on about Jorge, too. The man’s a catcher, for Pete’s sake! Who’s going to know pitchers better than a catcher? Hank needs to listen to his personnel instead of being so much like his dad, going off half-cocked and ready for spit. I just love these guys (Jorge, Jetes, Andy, Mo) who came up as farm hands. Their will to win is unbelievable.
    I now read your blog every day. I’ve given it a hallowed place in my Everyday folder.


  2. Jane Heller

    Gin. Blech. I’m into red wine. Last night I went to a new place right on the beach here in Santa Barbara called The Boathouse and had some pretty fine Pinot Noir. Just because the Yankees are about to be eliminated doesn’t mean I can’t try to enjoy myself.
    – Jane

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