Joba’s Mother Speaks

That’s right. He has a mother. All we’ve heard about is the dad who raised him while having polio and getting around on that motorized chair. Now we hear from Mommy Dearest via this link on Peter Abraham’s blog. Judging by the photo in the article, Joba looks exactly like her. Scary. Now if the Yankees were in a pennant race, I wouldn’t really care about yet another dysfunctional family. (Doesn’t Joba have a son too, and who’s the mom there?) But we fans need distractions from our sad season, if for no other reason than to keep us from dwelling on the Sox-Rays game tonight – the opener of a series that actually means something. Call me a big baby, but I’m feeling left out of all the fun.



  1. PAUL

    I always cast a jaundiced eye towards these parents who disappear and then build shrines to their estranged children if and only if the child is famous and/or has a load of money. Would she be at all interested if he were working at Best Buy instead of pitching for the Yankees? It reminds me of Shaq’s father who only showed up after his son became well-known. Credit to Shaq for saying that his “real” father is the military man step-father who helped raised him.

  2. Jane Heller

    “Parents” who come out of the woodwork when their kids are famous are totally annoying. If Joba’s mother was so devoted to him she should have laid off the meth.
    – Jane

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