Off-Day Memories

With all the questions swirling around the Yankees right now, I thought we needed a reminder that we not only can beat the Twins….we did beat the Twins. Yes, it was last year and the cast of characters has changed a little bit since then. But mostly it’ll be the old familiar faces, so why not reminisce?
I don’t know about you, but I plan on visualizing this celebration as I anticipate this series. It sure beats reading all the articles about how we’re supposed to crumble at the sight of Carl Pavano. I mean seriously.



    Jane, if I recall, YES will be replaying the ALDS Game 3 tomorrow on Yankee Classics. Tonight, they aired the final game of World Series 09. That was sweet for me as last year I was unfortunately scheduled to work during the game and my office didn’t have a TV so I had to settle for a radio with extremely crappy reception lol. Watching the whole game tonight, I was overcome with the very same feelings of pride and happiness while cheering almost as loud as last year when I heard Sterling make the final Yankees win call. Watching the players hug and celebrate on the mound almost had me to tears of joy just like last year when I was watching tons of clips and videos as soon as I got home. Well now I’m so anxious for the playoffs to start and hope we Yankee fans can experience all the joy, laughter, and tears of winning it all once again.


    That was good to watch, hope the players are doing the same.

    Who will be on the roster? Speculation is that Pena will not and I feel bad. He did everything they asked of him all year. “Ramiro, Arod is hurt, play third. Ramiro, Jeter needs rest, play short. Ramiro, we need an outfielder.” If he is not picked, I certainly understand the reasoning behind it, but I still feel bad. But really, the way Kearns has been batting, I’d take Pena!

    I was sorry to hear Morneau is out for the season. I’m glad the Yankees don’t have to worry about him, but a concussion that is still showing symptoms 3 months later is not good. He’s a good player and I hope this long rest will heal him.


  3. Jane Heller

    Leo, you tantalize me with the YES programming! Here in California I only get games on YES via the Extra Innings cable package – no the Yankeeographies or Classics, etc. I wish I could watch the ALDS Game 3 but I have to be content with clips like the one I posted. Poor me, right? Not so much. I got to take a walk on the beach yesterday and will not be shoveling snow this winter. 🙂

    I want to see it even more too, Barbara. There’s nothing I love more than watching the Yankees celebrating. They were meant to be bathed in champagne.

    I hope you’re right, Jeff, but “breeze by” the Twins? I am praying that it will be that easy.

    Is there speculation that Pena will be left off, Melissa? I wake up in the morning and this is where I get my news! Right here! I did read last night that Nunez might be chosen because of his offense. Pena didn’t hit much. I agree it’s so versatile on defense and can fill in anywhere. But the guy I’m really missing is Jerry Hairston. I wish we had a veteran like him right now. Wouldn’t you take him over Kearns in a heartbeat? Yeah, bad luck for Morneau. It’s taken a long time for him to heal from the concussion and, as you say, that’s never a good sign. I wish him a healthy off-season and hope he comes back strong next year.


    Natasha, dollink!
    Is old friend, Boris Badenov. I back from Pottsylvania, where was up to evildoings as usual. Try to get rid of stupid Moose…lose him in Vermont…but some American girl Audrey let him escape to Minne-soda…
    Me enjoy video! Happy to see Bombers in playoff again, and against same Twinkies. Want to think yum-yum, but…
    Please explain, Natasha. Spies tell me Twinkies move from Humpdome to Outdoor Stadium with Targets. Why they do that? Nobody in Minne-soda get COLD?? They say fly balls go to Outdoor Stadium with Targets to die; that so? Me hope not…Bombers like to bombing!!
    Is very handsome picture of Agent Pavano…he look very evil with pornstar mustache, like me…meh heh heh…! But got to hit him now with Pottsylvania bats…vampire bats…Vampire State Building bats…whatever work, dollink.
    Hear from spies that Bombers not like lefties no more…my communist friends very disappointed…we make exception with CC and beat up Liriano…yes??
    Also hear from Jersey Bob…he not happy…but he NEVER happy…Bob say catchers not throw out dead grandmothers…Jersey Bob blame Old JoPo and Fearless Leader Girardi for not whipping Cervelli-Man into shape…?
    Also hear AJ Burnett get kidnapped…honest, Natasha, IT NOT ME!! Spy say they get impostor named Rocky Burnett…like Flying Squirrel, or like Big Stupid Moose? Boris very confused. Please explain, dollink, and make Bombers ready for invasion…
    Boris B.

  5. Jane Heller

    Dave, did you have a little too much coffee this morning? Or was it Grey Goose? LOL. Yes, it’s true that we haven’t hit lefties….except when we do. We’re on a bad losing streak against them but somehow we get to them eventually, so I don’t worry about that. Grandy and Gardner are both hitting better against them and I’d rather have them in the lineup than Kearns. AJ will get a chance to pitch when we move on to the ALCS. He should just enjoy the rest and let his black eye heal.


    LoHud just put up the Yankee’s roster.
    Yea for Pena!
    No Gaudin – Whew!
    They chose Pena over Nunez, which I think makes sense. Scary to see Berkman listed as an infielder and Thames listed as a outfielder and even scarier to see Kearns listed as someone who might come up to the plate. But I hope they all make me eat those words!

    Pitchers: Sabathia, Pettitte, Hughes, Burnett, Mitre, Moseley, Logan, Robertson, Chamberlain, Wood, Rivera

    Catchers: Posada, Cervelli

    Infielders: Teixeira, Cano, Jeter, Rodriguez, Berkman, Pena

    Outfielders: Swisher, Granderson, Gardner, Thames, Kearns, Golson


  7. Jane Heller

    The Twins were smart to pitch Pavano at Target Field, Paul, although he’s pitched well against the Yankees (as much as it pains me to write that). He just wouldn’t get a very favorable reception in the Bronx – an understatement.


    Lucky clothes, lucky food, lucky caps, lucky charms. We will go all out!


  9. Jane Heller

    I just saw that, Melissa! No Gaudin! Yay. But do I feel comfortable with Mitre? No. But I guess it was a toss up between those two; Mitre gets more ground balls when he’s “right” and Gaudin serves up more bombs. So a good move. And yes, Pena made it. I think that was a good move too. Golson gives us more speed, which is nice. All we can do now is cross our fingers. Oh, and get out the lucky clothes.


    Hi, Jane…
    Boris went out looking for Moose and Squirrel. In the meantime, having read the “Let’s Jinx the Yanks” article in the NY Times about “Oisk” and the Brooklyn Bums of ’55 (who tried and tried to beat the Yanks, and finally did…like everyone else in America would LIKE the Twins to do this year)…I decided that we needed a catch-phrase for our Poor Ol’ Pitchers. Back in 1948, the Boston Braves had only 2 pitchers of note, so they chanted “Spahn and Sain, and pray for rain.” It worked for them. Well, now you could argue that Our Boyz have only ONE. So, whaddya do? Herewith, I offer some ideas…
    “CC and Andy, and pray for three dandies!”
    “CC and Hughes, and pray they don’t lose!”
    “CC and AJ, and pray for…a heyday? No mayday?”
    “CC and staff — win more than half!”
    Okay…not exactly as inspiring as in days of old…but hey, they only had to do it ONCE. You can always say:
    “Yankees in ’10…let’s do it again!!”


    How about “Staff and CC, make us say Oui, oui” (Groan!)

    “CC and Phil and pray for a thrill.”

    “CC, Hughes and Andy and pray that AJ pitches dandy”

    “CC and Phil, let the good AJ be on the hill.”

    “CC and Philip, may the good AJ show up.”

    Sorry folks, I’m giddy with anticipation.


  12. devilabrit

    Didn’t the Yankees own the Twins this year, I thought the Yankees took 3 out of 4 off the Twins in Minnisota, I know post season is a diferent beast… I’ll be happy to see the games begin, I think it’s anyones for the taking this year


    Phillies Outside

  13. Jane Heller

    Dave and Melissa, I love all of your slogans and can’t pick a favorite! What I do know is that we want the games to start right away and that, while the players must be relishing their time off, we fans are eager to get going!

    I know we’ve owned the Twins in the postseason, Peter, but they’ve beaten us in the regular season this year. And I think they’re much improved, even without Joe Nathan and Justin Morneau.

  14. Jane Heller

    Don’t freak out, Virginia. It’s not last year’s team, but other teams have their flaws and question marks too. Have faith!

  15. raysrenegade

    I can always take the easy way out and say someone who wears pinstripes will win this ALDS match-up, but they both wear them at times.
    I honestly think this could go five games if the Twins get a good game out of SP Francisco Lariano in Game 1, but it will be a pitcher’s duel.
    Bullpens have had their moment with both teams, but after the second starter, it is interesting.
    Is it game time yet?

    Rays Renegade

  16. Jane Heller

    Ugh, Renegade. Five games? You know how I hate stressful baseball situations! But I’ll take it if the Yanks come out on top. And no, we have to wait another day and it stinks!

  17. crzblue2

    D & Melissa,
    Nice slogans there.
    Thanks for pointing out this: “having read the “Let’s Jinx the Yanks” article in the NY Times about “Oisk” and the Brooklyn Bums of ’55..” I’ll look for the article. I love Oisk!

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