Another Pitcher’s Duel, Another Yankees Win

I wanted the sweep. I prayed for it. But I didn’t really expect it. It was asking a lot of the Yankees to beat the Red Sox for the fourth day in a row – especially against Lester – but they pulled it off. I was stunned.
Andy Pettitte must have really listened to me when I had that talk with him yesterday. He went seven innings, only giving up five hits, and matched Lester batter for batter – until A-Rod came up in the bottom of the seventh. Alexander Emmanuel Rodriguez not clutch?
Yeah, it does sound funny. He had two clutchy homers this weekend, and tonight’s put the Yanks on the board in what looked like it might be another 15-inning scoreless fest. Of course, the drama didn’t end there. This is Yankees-Red Sox we’re talking about. Coke coughed one up to Victor Martinez to give the Sox the lead, but the Yankees now have the 2009 version of these guys.
OK, not quite. But Damon and Tex went deep in the eighth off Bard and have now gone back-to-back in six games this season. Oddly enough, that’s a franchise record.
With the Yankees ahead 5-2 in the ninth, Mo gave up a single and a walk, and my heart was going like this.
But he retired Ellsbury. The sweep was in the bag.
So yes, we’re up by six-and-a-half games in the division. And yes, we have the best record in the majors. And yes, it all feels great. But it’s August 9th as I’m typing this – still a lot of baseball to play. A couple of bad series for us and a couple of good ones for the Red Sox and/or Rays, and it’s panic time again.
Monday night begins a series against the Blue Jays. We’ll be facing that pitcher with the hard-to-spell name. You know, the rookie with only two vowels. Rzepczynski.
And we’ll have Sergio Mitre on the mound for us – Mr. I-Can’t-Get-Anybody-Out-In-The-First-Inning. Does anybody think there won’t be a letdown? Just a teeny weeny lack of intensity after the Red Sox series? If I had a team meeting, I’d say this.
“Hi, Yankees. It’s me, She-Fan. I want to congratulate you on the fantastic weekend. But I also want to tell you to keep the train moving. Don’t just go, ‘Oh, it’s the Blue Jays. So what.” If you have to pretend it’s still the Red Sox, go ahead. Whatever it takes. Just win. Thank you.'”
I hope they heard me. Somehow.


  1. lenn23

    Jane, you mean there is no parade scheduled for Wednesday? That sucks! Having to play the Blue Jays after this weekend is like having to go to class after you receive your diploma. Also, as far as Andy is concerned, the old man can still pitch! I like the way this season is going right now and I hope there’s not too much of a letdown this week. At least there is no Halladay to worry about this time around.

  2. scofid

    That 9th inning was very tense, and I know that I was on the edge of my seat. I was definitely concerned when the Red Sox brought the tying run to the plate. Fortunately, all ended well, and the Yankees emerged with the four game sweep. But you’re right, it’s very early and the Yankees, as you’ve mentioned, are only a losing streak away from being called the scum of the earth by the NY media. But for now, I’d rather be 6 1/2 games up than 6 1/2 games back so all is good. It’s time for the Yankees to begin the drive to claim what’s rightfully theirs. Go Yankees!



    It doesn’t seem right to be disappointed about the results of last night’s game or the series in total, and I am thrilled with the sweep, but I can’t believe Andy didn’t get the win after such a stellar performance. I’m certain he’s a team player and is content with the results but he totally deserved that one.

    I had to laugh at Big Papi’s pinch hit walk. I don’t think that’s what they had in mind when they sent him up there. In a situation like that you’ve got to swing. I’m sure the crowd at the Stadium and the results of the three previous games contributed to his inability.

    In past years the Yankees have always had at least a little bit of a letdown after each Red Sox series but this team is not like those teams. I’m not expecting a sweep of Toronto, especially with Mitre at the helm, but am hoping to take the series and move on from there. And please…no more 15 inning games!!!!

  4. ladyjane303

    Exhilarating, tense, nail-biting and ultimately great weekend! My living room carpet is starting to look like Centre Court at Wimbledon after 2 weeks of play – worn out from all the pacing. I agree that it was a shame that Andy couldn’t get the win. On the post-game (yes there was one) Coke said how he was angry with himself and seemed a little embarrassed to get the W. Gotta love the Swish – he could have a second career with Cirque du Soleil. BTW – where was Eric Hinske? Bound to be something of a let-down tonight, so we should all try to have a seance to get your team meeting message to them. I’ll be hitting the road on vacation when the boys are on their road trip and won’t be able to watch any games – don’t know if I could take another series with the Sox so soon anyway.

  5. southernbelle

    Jane: I agree that the Yankees have to keep playing at full intensity. Just because the Red Sox are gone doesn’t mean it is time to get lazy. Girardi really should have a team meeting with them to make sure they understand that. Or you could do it!
    I think this whole series should be released on DVD in a Yankees Classic Special, called “Boston Massacre II.” I think that would sell well! -Virginia


    “Have a little faith
    In the one you love’ — [Chambers Brothers, 1969]
    It was that kind of weekend. My homelife skejool has been insanely busy lately (almost as busy as YOURS!), so there wasn’t a lot of time to watch the proceedings. Friday nite was SO crucial…game wasn’t on locally, and once it got to extra innings, still 0-0, just had to crash…Have A Little Faith. What a joy in the morning!! Saw some of Saturday; the pressure eased daily on our boys, and rose daily on theirs…getting that second run was ENORMOUS…and then Sunday…had to umpire 4 games in 95 degree heat (about 75% humidity, damn near died)…but what a fabulous reward for all that suffering. Of course, I was already (trying to be) sleeping, and kept humming “Have A Little Faith”…oh, YES…and now, prepare for a Little Letdown…but like Diane the Music Fan says, this team “ain’t like the others”…so Have A Little Faith In the One U Luv!! Can I get an Amen? Hallelujah too…!

  7. cheshirecat9

    I think this team is professional enough that there will be no let down tonight, they will continue their winning ways! What a weekend! SWEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!! Life is good right now, and I firmly believe it will continue. This is a special team, this is a special season and we will be playing deep into October.

  8. Jane Heller

    Len, I love your analogy of having to go to class after getting the diploma. Good one! And yes, Andy can still pitch. I was afraid he might run out of gas a batter too late, but he wriggled out of the jam.

    It was quite a four days, Lori. After getting trounced by your Angels in Anaheim, it felt like a rebirth!

    “If” is the key word, JQuist. If the pitching holds up, everything should be just fine against the Jays. I hope Joba bounces back. Is he supposed to pitch in this series?

    The 9th inning was tense, Scott. I was standing thisclose to the TV and cheering Mo on. But it turned out OK and now comes the hard part: maintaining the lead and building on it. Another series with the Red Sox is just around the corner, as you well know!

    I, too, feel sorry for Andy, Diane. He deserved the win big time. He’s been a hard luck pitcher this season – going out there for seven good innings only to end up with a no-decision. But you’re right: he’s a team guy and the Yankees are a great team!

    An understatement, Peter. No fun at all being on the other side. I know that from experience.

    Thanks, Holly. I know it was a rough weekend for your guys.

    How about all the times I talked to the Yankees and they haven’t listened to me, Jeff! But I’ll take this one.

    If I had carpet in my living room, it would have looked like Centre Court at Wimbledon too, ladyjane. And Swisher’s tumbling act scares me, but he’s been great at getting on base, which is probably why we didn’t see more of Hinske. Not to worry about the boys while you’re on vacation. We’ll all take good care of them.

    I wonder if Girardi will have a team meeting, Virginia, just to say, “Good job and now let’s keep it up.” I’m guessing he won’t though, because most of the guys are veterans and he probably figures they already know what they need to do. Still, I would remind them!

    Me too, Johnny. Great series.

    The Phillies aren’t winning, Jenn? I thought they were unstoppable. Probably just a blip.

    No letdowns is right, Bern. It’s understandable that they might have one tonight. But I hope they’ll splash some cold water on their faces and get back into winning mode.

    Wow, Dave. You should be leading a choir! Hallelujah is right. Amen too.

    Thanks, Ginny. Nice cushion at the moment. I know how quickly things can change, so I hope we have success against Zippy!

    It’s a special team all right, cheshirecat. They have that comeback-y-ness they lacked last year. Even after getting beaten badly in Chicago, they bounced back and more. Great attitude. Now they just need to keep it up!

  9. steve_t

    Jane, you should be very proud of your team. I, on the other hand, need a drink. The good news is today is a new day with, thankfully, a new team to face.

    I was following your tweets last night. Very funny.

    Steve T.
    Twitter: BostonProWriter

  10. fan1663

    Hey Jane, since you were looking at players who looked like celebrities, doesn’t Hideki Matsui’s haircut make him look a little like Mo from the 3 stooges? I was watching yesterday and my dad pointed that out (speaking of which, my mom read Confessions of a She-Fan and loved it-she’s a She-Fan too) and I could see a resemblence!

  11. Jane Heller

    Lucky you being there in person for the game Friday night, yankeeslove4life. You saw quite a ballgame!

    I think those fans were protesting something or other, mattpeas. I honestly can’t remember why they were wearing the bags. But I liked the pic!

    Feels great, Cat. I know you can identify. But I’m gearing up for tonight’s game and not taking anything for granted. If we were in first place on September 30th, you’d hear me screaming all the way down in Long Beach. But not yet.

    Thanks so much, Ginny. I can’t wait to go on that site.

    I hope you had that drink and are ready to tackle the next series, Steve. I think you guys play Detroit? And now that I know your secret Twitter name, I’ll be checking you out too!

    Glad you emerged, Jen. I know it must have felt like a lost weekend. I went through it when we faced the Angels in Anaheim and got our butts kicked.

    Hideki’s haircut does have that Mo/Three Stooges look, Jake. Too funny! Please tell your mom I’m so happy she enjoyed the book. I’d love it if she stopped by sometime and joined the party here.

  12. Erin Kathleen

    Well, you know, if the Yankees win the world series this year people will start whining about how the Steinbrenners bought another championship. Half of it will come from Red Sox fans, a fact I find absolutely hilarious given that Boston has the second-highest payroll in baseball.-Erin

  13. Jane Heller

    If the Yankees win the World Series, there will be whining everywhere and I’ll be too deliriously happy to care!

  14. rrrt

    Huh, I didn’t realize Mr. Buy-a-vowel had been called up to the bigs. I’d actually mentioned him in one of my posts earlier in the season, when he was in AA.
    After this weekend of woe at the hands of the Marlins, I know how you felt during those earlier Sox series. In fact, it was such a pitiful display of ineptitude all weekend long, I still haven’t decided what to write about it.
    And yeah, the heart is a little yucky looking…
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  15. irishsoxkid19

    As I said to about 20 Yankee fans today, just gotta believe. Oh, and we still won 8 games from you guys this year!! And yes, Erin, I would be doing a bunch of whining if the Yankees won the World Series this year!! This is what I get for having relatives that are Yankee fans!! Plus, if you go look at who the manager of 7 of those WS championships are, they would have my last name on them… And yes, I am a Red Sox fan… Ok, so where’s the lightening strike that’s supposed to hit me now?!

  16. irishsoxkid19

    By the way Jane, I think the Yankees lost tonight…and J-Pap is on the mound right now for us!! Ah, loving it!! What Yankees-Red Sox series?! Don’t remember it!!

  17. Jane Heller

    Sorry the Phillies are going through a “spell,” Sue. I do know what it feels like and it’s not fun. And yes, “Zippy,” as he is nicknamed in Toronto, is in the bigs and not doing too badly.

    Glad you’re feeling optimistic, Holly. There’s still plenty of baseball left!

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