Hitting The Road

If I had told people that the Yankees would go 9-1 on their homestand, I would have gotten reactions like this.

And even this.
That Swisher. Such a goofball. But even he probably wouldn’t have predicted such a great run after the All-Star break.
Mitre was mediocre in Sunday’s game, but “mediocre” might be just fine for the time being. He throws strikes. He induces ground balls. He doesn’t look panicked out there. He’ll do as the fifth starter until he proves he’s not worthy.
we're not worthy.jpg
The bullpen is looking better and better, especially with Bruney gaining in confidence and effectiveness. I’m a little worried about Coke though. I shake my head every time somebody says, “He’s been amazing, except that he gives up home runs.”
The last time I checked, giving up home runs wasn’t a good thing. Hughes continues to impress, and Mo is just, well, Mo. He could probably throw that cutter in his sleep.
Tex keeps rolling. Cody Ransom has been more-than-decent as A-Rod’s fill-in. And Melky will have to step up while Gardner’s thumb heals.
I admit I was thrown when I heard about Brett the Jet’s injury. How will we compensate for his speed on the bases? Could we get this guy to un-retire?
Cano finally got a big hit with men in scoring position. And Jeter seems to get more acrobatic with age. I mean, could you do this?
What I’m saying is that I think we’re ready for the ten-day road trip, which begins at the cowbell palace known as The Trop.
Sure, there will be challenges in Tampa. Big ones, not the least of which is this.
Tough place to catch fly balls. What’s more, there are Rays that always cause the Yankees headaches: Upton, Crawford, Longoria, Pena. I’m hoping AJ can handle them all when he opens the series and flashes them that stare.
The Bombers have hit the road as I’m typing this. Actually, they must be in Florida by now.
If I were addressing them at their hotel, I’d say: “Win every game on the trip.”
“She-Fan, you’re cracked,” Jeter would say. “We can’t win every game.”
“Well, you can win ninety-nine percent of them,” I’d counter. “You just did it.”
Everybody would realize I was right. And Joba would let out a victory roar.


  1. ibleedpinstripes

    This series is going to be intense! I’m excited to see how everything turns out. I think we’re in for at least a couple of pitchers’ duels – our favorite! LOL. I have a feeling all three games are going to be of the attention-grabbing kind. But all I want are three wins, I don’t care how they come!

    P.S. That picture of Swish is pretty intense too. Haha.

    – Lisa

  2. crzblue2

    Dodgers left to St Louis for four games and three with the Braves so they’ll come back in a week. I need the rest…
    I remember when I went to St Louis a few years back and saw the Dodgers lose ALL FOUR games. That was tough but luckly our ST Louis fan friends that we had met thru the Diamondsforwomen.net forum made us feel so welcome. We even got together last year in Florida during Spring Training.
    St Louis always give us a hard time but this Dodger team is better than the ones ST Louis has faced before.

  3. lenn23

    I’m concerned about the injuries to Wang and Gardner. The depth of the team is being affected. The trade deadline is going to be big for all teams this year. I hope Cash can make some good trades this year.

  4. diane.anziano@gmail.com

    Jane, I just can’t believe that Gardner made those 2 amazing caught after he broke his thumb. On the bright side, Hinske should get some more playing time. Hope we can continue our winning ways on the road. I saw an interview with Mariano where they asked about this year’s team as opposed to those he has played on in the past — he said this team is better – they come to the park every day planning to win. And damned if they aren’t. I’m pretty excited, I’m not going to lie.

    Peggy, I don’t know if the weather is going to cooperate for the 5th Dimension concert but if it does, I’ll see you there. The following night the Grass Roots are playing at Hicksville High School’s field so I’ll definitely be there as well.

  5. scofid

    I certainly didn’t expect the Yanks to go on this type of run following the All-Star Break. It’s been great. It will be interesting to see how the Yanks do in Tampa. They can do a lot to hurt the Rays’ chances in the division, or they can let the Rays back in. Hopefully, it is the former and not the latter. I bet Brian Cashman’s phone is busy this week, but I am not in favor of anything that would cost us Hughes or Chamberlain and of course Melky isn’t going anywhere with Gardner on the DL. But I have faith that Cash can pull off a minor deal that will prove major for the Yanks…


  6. steve_t

    Can’t figure out the Rays this season–and neither can they, it seems. One day they’re on the losing end of a perfect game and a couple days later they’re staging their biggest comeback ever. Looks like some very good pitching matchups for this series.

    Steve T.

  7. gcf123

    I am thinking Tampa would be the perfect place to see HInske get some playing time. First he has played in Tampa (last year) and is very familair with the fly ball issues. Second Johnny usually gets some days off on the turf. Issue is we dont have another CF other than Melky. The question today is who gets called up.

  8. jmf414@comcast.net

    HI Jane,
    A great win, especially to see Cano come through with men on base, Mitre is keeping us in the game, but hopefully Cashman can get another arm……If Burnett can keep Crawford off the bases tonight, another good shot for a win……Do the players wear earplugs to drown out the cowbells?…….Go Yanks

  9. Jane Heller

    Ayaya, pitcher’s duels. Not our fave is right, Lisa. But I remember that awful blowout at the Trop when the Yankees were on the receiving end and Swisher had to pitch. Don’t want that to happen either. So I’ll hope for any kind of win.

    Good luck to your Dodgers in St. Louis, Emma. It should be a good series too, considering that it’s two top teams colliding.

    I’ve given up on Wang for this season, Len, so it was the Gardner injury that hit me hard yesterday – especially after those two great catches and the triple! I’m not wild about any of the candidates being discussed as a replacement outfielder.

    Diane, I saw the interview Mo did with Kim Jones and he was so expansive! I loved when he said this team was better than past ones. They seem to be enjoying themselves more, in any case.

    I agree, Scott. This series against Tampa will either let them back in or hurt their chances of contending. Makes me nervous just to think about it. But if our pitching holds up, we’ll be OK. I would be surprised if Cashman doesn’t have something up his sleeve – major or minor.

    The Rays have been on a roller coaster, Steve. Imagine being no-hit and then having a miraculous comeback. But they’re very tough at the Trop. You can sit back and watch us beat up on each other!

    Hinske should see playing time, Gayle, for all the reasons you mentioned. That said, I’m wondering if Ajax is about to show up. Didn’t Pete Abe write he was pulled from a game? Cashman keeps saying our moves will be from within, but who knows?

    That hit by Cano was huge, Jane. He’d been terrible with RISP so he must have felt relieved. I know I did. I think runners like to run on AJ, so tonight will be a challenge for Posada (or Molina, depending). As for the cowbells, I think the players are immune to it. The Metrodome is really loud and they got through that experience just fine!

    I wonder if you’re even allowed to un-retire once you’re in the HOF, Jeff. Probably not, right? They’d have to un-induct you!

  10. dschaub@gpo.gov

    Well, howdy…glad that the homestand ended on such a fine note, altho’ losing Gardner is a worry. I’m never very confident when they hit the road, and Tampa is a Chamber of Horrors for me personally (esp. if you add in football and college hoops… oh, never mind)…playing .500 ball is all that I’ll be realistically hoping for, tho’ I know that this year’s team can do better. Just don’t wanna assume ANYTHING, ya know…hey, maybe if we just think of the Trop as being the HHH Metrodome South, they can have the same kind o’ luck that they’ve had with the Twinkies lately…whaddya think?

  11. Jane Heller

    That jump by Jeter hurt me to look at, tribechick. I could never do a split – one of the reasons I didn’t try out for the high school cheerleading squad!

    I’m thinking positive thoughts about the Rays series, Dave. Not assuming anything, as you said, but feeling confident in this team. Of course, the Rays are so tough and they play great at home. But we’re not chopped liver these days!

  12. oliviatang82@yahoo.com

    Your blog is such a great read!! Very comical. Loved the Jeter picture. Thank you! Let’s go Yankees!!

  13. Yankees Reality Check

    Jane- I just looked at your pics from Dodger Stadium. Looks like a cool place to see a game. (And anyplace would be a good place with seats that close!)

    I too am worried about Gardner. The outfield has been a high-wire act this year. Funny, though, I’m not worried about Coke. I wasn’t even really worried about Aceves on Saturday when he gave up all those runs. Am I developing, gasp!, relative faith in the bullpen?? Maybe. At least Coke works hard. He was the only guy on the field running sprints when we got there early on Saturday.

    Anyway – I’m hoping the Yanks will do okay against Tampa. But I’m already getting nervous about the August 6 Red Sox series!

  14. Jane Heller

    I’m not that worried about the bullpen, YRC, especially compared to the crew we had early in the season. And if Marte comes back strong, we’ll be in even better shape. I just hope Coke keeps the ball down! Yes, the nerves are really kicking in as we take on the AL East power houses. I’m about to start watching game one against the Rays…..

  15. Jane Heller

    Sorry, Cat. No can do! Hope you’re surviving with the Dodgers on the road. I know you must miss being at the games.

  16. travelingbballbabes

    I will probably have my heart in my throat the entire series…because that’s what the Rays do to me when they play the Yankees. Or rather, that is what the Yankees do to me when they play the Rays.

  17. Jane Heller

    My heart is in my throat right now, Serena. It’s 3-0 Yankees but it’s still early. Sweaty palms time.

  18. raysrenegade

    I have to give AJ props tonight.
    His ball was missing the bats big time. His curve was slicing and dicing. His fastball was above the speed limit, and his change-up left us in the dust.
    But I got to let you in on something.
    It is pretty wild to see Joba having so much fun during BP with Jose Molina in RF.
    Heck, he even threw a ball from the RF foul line all the way to some guy in the Upper Deck tonight.
    Impressive…………Guess that is the new way to loosen your arm if you are a starter.
    Sorry but I had to take one guys lifetime Yankee fan card away tonight.
    You do not wear a Yankee jersey with a name imprinted on the back and call it “game used”. Even a Rays fan knows they do not put their names on the back of the jerseys.

    Rays Renegade


  19. Jane Heller

    Was just thinking of you, Renegade, as I hit “publish” on tonight’s post. I figured you must be at the game. AJ did have it tonight. I love watching him when he’s on like that. Funny about Joba during BP. As for the Yankee fan, I can’t take responsibility for him. Game used? I don’t think so!

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