Blowouts: Entertaining Or A Snooze?


The Yankees exploded with 12 runs against the Phillies, who did not score a single run, and the result was what is commonly referred to as a blowout. (Great job, btw, by Joba, Swisher, Gardner, and the Iguana.)
There are other kinds of blowouts, of course.
This kind.
And this kind.
Even this kind.
But my question today is this: Are the games that your team wins by a score of 12-0 more fun than those that induce sweaty palms and pounding pulses and aren’t decided until the last out?
My answer is yes. I love blowouts. I can relax during them. I know the Yankees will win. I don’t have to wonder if I’ll have a heart attack. My husband, on the other hand, loves tight pitcher’s duels and thinks being tense and stressed out during a game is fun.
Which is your preference? Or do you like either type of contest as long as your team wins? I’d love to know if I’m the only one who will admit to wanting her team to beat the opposition senseless, like by the score of 100-0.


  1. jimmy27nyy

    Hi, Jane …

    I like to watch close, well pitched, well played games, with many great plays on the field, solid hitting at the plate, great base running and fundamentally flawless baseball skills on display throughout the whole game !!!
    A (12-0) “laugher” can be just as exciting as a (1-0) or (3-2) game, though, as long as the New York Yankees win the game … But, I would much rather watch a great pitching duel with the game going into the 9th inning, tied, 0-0, 1-1, etc., as opposed to high-scoring, poorly played games on the field !!! … Of course, a Yankees victory “my any score” is always exciting !!!
    Great post, as usual, Jane !!! … Take care; and, have a wonderful day !!!
    — Jimmy [27NYY], “BY&L”

  2. raysrenegade

    A pitching duel can be murder on the nerves, but to watch it go down is like watching a oil painter move his brush across the canvas. But a blowout is more like that Frat Rush party that was out of control with chaos on the borders on all four sides of you.
    Both have their own sense of pleasure, and dangers. In a pitcher’s duel you can still lose. In a rout, well if you are that much ahead, it can lead to fans saying stupid things.

    But either is best if your worst foe is on the losing end at the time. My favorites have been the ones that have a bit of both in them. Starters do the pitching duel thing for 6 innings and leave the score 1-1. Then the Bullpen comes in and either it gets blown out of the water by the 9th inning and the closers are sat back down, or it comes down to the last two outs.

    But isn’t baseball fun for all the wrong reasons sometimes?

    Rays Renegade

  3. cheshirecat9

    As long as the Yankees win I am okay with whatever kind of game goes down, but I have to admit I love watching the Yankees destroy an opponent. My girlfriend prefers it also as I tend to yell at the TV less when the game is 10 – 0 Yankees as opposed to 1 – 1 going into the 9th.
    That being said, there is nothing like watching a walk off hit, especially if it is a win off Paplebon.

  4. latinyankeerebel

    I love ’em both. It’s great, as cheschirecat9 mentions, to watch a win off Papelbond anytime! But, it’s great when your team crushes another team from time to time…

  5. pinstripepride3

    I love watching pitching duels, and a close game can provide a lot of excitement, but if I had to choose I would prefer that the Yankees go 162-0 and then sweep through the playoffs and World Series, winning every game 100-0. I don’t like when the regulars are pulled out of the lineup late in blowouts either. This isn’t Little League. I’ve seen way too many crazy comebacks in my life to ever feel completely confident in any lead.

  6. russ4192

    Nothing wrong with a good blowout, but I think I would rather see a pitcher’s duel. A 1-1 game heading to the bottom of the 8th…your home team gets a single, bunts him over and then a clutch base knock to put you ahead. Closer comes in and – ballgame.


  7. latinyankeerebel

    Jane, haven’t youi check the lastets on A-Rod?

    How can I become A-Rod’s personal assistant – PR..??

    I’m tired of his current PR making mistakes like this.. instead of helping him they are sinking him even more.

    Ok, you want attention, get positive stuff (not tests ofcourse!) for the person you’re managing… if I was A-Rod I would sue them.

    yes, I’m irate!

  8. Kaybee

    Oh man, I love both of them! I love it when my Padres pound the other team, that’s so much fun! But I also love the edge of your seat game where the pitching is dominient. As long as my Padres win, I don’t really care how they do it!! 🙂


    This is surely a tough one. Blowouts are far better for my health, at my advanced age and deteriorating nerves. A blowout comeback is a little bit tastier, though. And while a close, exciting pitcher’s duel can be fine in the regular season, gimme those blowouts for the Yanks in the playoffs! We weren’t called Bronx Bombers or Murderer’s Row for nothing!!

  10. kingofcali

    Blow outs are easy on the stress level of watching your team. You know your team is either blown out or doing the blow out. Not as exciting as a close game though. When it’s close you don’t want to miss a pitch cause you don’t want to miss something.

    ~King of Cali

  11. Jane Heller

    Well, I see there are baseball purists among us and some who are not so pure. LOL.

    As a Dodgers fan, Emma, you’ve probably seen more 0-0 games than I have. I enjoy watching them – just not when the Yankees are involved. Too nerve-wracking.

    A battle to the end is exciting, no question, Julia. It just sucks the life out of me.

    A man after my own heart, Robb. Total destruction!

    I agree, Canuck. When it’s 14-0, we can sit back and enjoy ourselves.

    You raise a good point, Jimmy. It’s not that I like to watch poorly played games with a lot of errors and mental mistakes. It’s more that I enjoy the score differential. That’s why they call it a laugher – because I can have a few laughs instead of gritting my teeth!

    Renegade, I can’t stand those games when the starters go toe to toe and then one of the bull pens blows it wide open. Makes me so mad (unless it’s my team that’s the beneficiary).

    Cheshirecat9, I’m with you about yelling at the TV. There’s much less of that in a blowout, so it’s easier on those who have to put up with us.

    You would have to bring that up, Greg. It still stings.

    A walk off against Papelbon is a treat, Latinyankeerebel, and a cause for great celebration in my house.

    LOL, Pinstripepride. You can never have enough runs because there’s no “mercy rule” in major league baseball.

    Russ, you’re a true purist. And the type of game you describe is a thing of beauty for sure. I do enjoy those games, but they take their toll on my emotional health.

    You distilled the question down to its essence, Jeff. I, too, enjoy blowouts if my team is on the right end of them.

    Latinyankeerebel, I hadn’t seen that article before now. Oh, God. I guess Madonna’s manager must have set it up, because it looks like he’s having his “Material Guy” moment in that photo. I’m speechless.

    Jeremy, the type of game you describe would be incredibly dramatic – a come-from-behind victory that had appeared to be a blowout. Good job!

    You’re a true fan, Kaybee. You like both types of games as long as your team wins.

    I hear you, Dave. The blowouts are much easier on the body at our advanced age. 🙂

    Phillies1988, we did get you good yesterday. I’d like to see us against a healthy Cole Hamels though. That would be interesting.

    King, it’s true about close games/pitcher’s duels: You can’t afford to look away from the TV even for a second or you might miss something crucial.

  12. popejonash

    Hey Jane – I love pitching duels and tight games. Sure, it’s easy to get excited when you take a 12-run lead and then tack on a 3-run blast, but it’s so great to see the raw emotion and tension of a close game.Take Venezuela last night – some of the emotions when pitchers got key outs with guys on base and a slim lead was incredible – and that was just a supposed ‘exhibition’. My favorite was seeing K-Rod get the call to come in from the pen in the middle of an at bat and then to see his team mates go nuts when he struck him out.Ash

  13. Jane Heller

    Agreed, Canuck. I do love the hero thing. You just never know who it’ll be.

    I wish I’d seen that game, Ash. Yesterday was a wipe-out for me, baseball wise, so I missed a lot of the action. I can picture K-Rod striking out the guy and everybody going nuts. Great stuff.

  14. rrrt

    Oh, that’s a tough question! If I’m watching a game in which I have no rooting interest, then I’m all for the pitcher’s duel. If it’s a Phillies game, I’d prefer it not to be so close, especially if it’s against the Mets – I’d like ALL those games to be blowouts, in the Phils’ favor, of course!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  15. Jane Heller

    You don’t like “regular games.” LOL, Babu. I don’t mind if it’s 7-4 as long as the Yankees are the ones with 7.

    You summed up my feelings in a nutshell, Sue. If I’m watching a non-Yankees game, I love pitcher’s duels. They move fast and are very exciting. But if the Yankees are playing? Blowout.

  16. letsgoyankees

    If my team wins, I really don’t care. But if I HAD to choose, I’d say I like shootouts more than pitcher’s duels. The Joba 1-0 win was awesome, but nothing is quite the same as watching, say, Damon going 6 for 6 in a 12-11 walk-off win . It would have been better against basically any team but the Royals, but I loved watching it anyway. Also, any bottom of the ninth+ comeback (with my team) immediately, in my mind, makes a game awesome.

  17. Elizabeth D

    I love pitchers duel in the sense that it’s a great game to watch. Like the Puerto Rico vs USA game that I’m watching right now. The problem: I’m about to pop a blood vessel.

    Blowout games are nice, like you said, I can relax and they make you really happy!

  18. katie22

    Blowouts are fun, but I really love well-played, close games. If both teams are “on”, I feel as if my team really won and weren’t handed a win. Not that I complain when they go like, 13-1 or something, but I like the heart attack feeling. lol


  19. Jane Heller

    I should have added a category for bottom of the ninth comebacks, Letgoyankees, because they really are the best.

    Elizabeth, I’m watching the game too right now. No blood vessel popping yet, but it’s a close one.

    Katie, you probably like roller coasters too! Me? I stay off them.

    Melissa, I yell at the TV no matter what, but I’m not into stress. Maybe you and Katie should watch a game together (a pitcher’s duel).

  20. figgi4


    It completely depends…I hate blowouts when the Angels are going to lose, and am okay with blowouts where the Angels are going to win.

    I don’t prefer a pitcher’s duel to a blowout though…I enjoy games of a completely different variety…

    The neck-and-necks. I like the games where if you leave for a few minutes, you’d have no idea who’s winning. To me, those are more interesting than pitcher’s duels or blowouts.

  21. Jane Heller

    You got that right, Ash. Just finished watching. David Wright! David Wright!

    No question those games are more interesting, Figgi. I just get too nervous watching them!

  22. Erin Kathleen

    I guess I tend to like blowouts and pitchers’ duels, but it depends on the opponent. If it is the White Sox, then I prefer the blowout. There is nothing more satisfying than humiliating a hated rival, especially at their ballpark! Although, I never feel as though I can relax, even if the Twins are up by 20 runs. I always have this nagging sense that the bullpen is about to blow it. Otherwise I like pitchers’ duels. I like watching see our starters match some of the best pitchers in the league. Of course our offense can make Sidney Ponson look like Cy Young, so I get to see a lot of pitchers’ duels whether I like it or not. -Erin

  23. bosoxlongball8

    hah. speaking of yankee blowouts……”i know the yankees will win”. oh you mean just like when they were up on the sox 3 games to none and everyone knew they yankees had it??? exactly.

  24. patb

    I have to respectfully disagree with you. While I am a fan of a specific team, I am more a fan of the game. A game so lopsided that, if played in the WBC, would have to invoke the mercy rule is absolutely boring to watch. I would rather see a game like the USA Vs. Puerto Rico last night that, literally, came down to the last out. A blowout is not fun to watch, nor is it respectful to our national past-time.

  25. Jane Heller

    “Our offense can make Sidney Ponson look like Cy Young.” LOL, Erin!!!! I agree that blowouts are much more satisfying against a hated rival.

    Yeah, just like that, Boxoslongball8.

    You are a true purist, Patb, and I admire you for it.

  26. diamonddiva

    Generally speaking, I prefer pitcher’s duels to blowouts, although a blowout can be fun now and then as long as my team (whichever one I happen to be watching at the time) is on the winning end. My favorite ballplayer for the last decade-plus was a pitcher, so I really loved watching him in a pitcher’s duel. Unfortunately, the pitchers I’ve been a fan of over the years have often been the victims of poor run support, so even when they’ve given up 1 run on 3 or 4 hits and struck out 10, they’ve gotten a no-decision…or worse, a loss, because their offense was anemic.
    Hmmm…I may have to re-think my preference of pitcher’s duels vs, blowouts……

  27. redbirdchatter

    I don’t like big blowouts. Once a team has an insurmountable lead, it’s kind of dull. However, I do like it when my Cardinals jump out to a nice lead early and hang on. It’s nice and comfortable, and on a daily basis, I prefer it. But, the most exciting games, the ones we talk about over and over, are the ones where your team comes from behind to win. Someone steps up and becomes a hero. Like David Wright was last night.

  28. Jane Heller

    It’s true, Kathy. Last night’s game was memorable because of the come-from-behind heroics. Those are the best. But for me, blowouts (when my team is ahead) are never boring.

  29. diamonddiva

    Jane, I’ll answer your question with an example of a pitcher’s duel that made me want to pull my hair out: Game 6 of the 1997 ALCS, Orioles vs. Indians…Mike Mussina goes 8 innings, gives up 1 hit and 2 walks, gets 10 strikeouts, has an ERA of 0.60…and gets a no-decision and a trip back to Montoursville, PA for the winter when Armando Benitez blows the save and the Tribe wins, 1-0. (&$%#!!!) And last year, John Lannan would have had a few more wins for the Nationals if he had gotten some decent run support!

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