Jane’s Addiction


No, my problem isn’t meth. (Let’s root for this lady to get treatment, both for her drug habit and her overuse of blue eye shadow.)
And it’s not this.
I don’t even drink this.

I’m hopelessly hooked on the Yankees, of course. And I need to cut back on my blogging or I’ll lose any semblance of a normal life.
But here’s the source of my latest obsession (besides Xavier Nady): the She-Fan Cam.
flip-video-camcorder-1.jpgLook at it, would you please? It’s smaller than a cell phone and only a little bigger than an iPod, and you can slip it in your pocket and take it anywhere.
I couldn’t get along without it while I was roaming around Tampa last week, and I can’t get along without it now that I’m home.
I’ve had it with me at the supermarket, at the dry cleaner, even at a doctor’s appointment – always in the off-chance that I might get someone somewhere to talk about baseball.
Take today, for instance. My nails looked like hell from so much blogging, so I went for a manicure at the Fess Parker Resort here in Santa Barbara.
Fess Parker Resort.jpg(Yes, for anyone old enough to remember, he’s the same Fess Parker who played Davy Crockett on TV.)
Fess Parker and Betsy gun_crockett-www-tvacres-com.jpgAnyhow, when I arrived at the salon I sat down with Lonnie, my manicurist. As she whipped out her tools, I whipped out the She-Fan Cam.
I tried to convert Lonnie by explaining the finer points of the game, but she said her favorite sport is stretching out on a beach and drinking margaritas. Oh, well.
You know who I’m dying to thrust into the glare of the She-Fan Cam next? This guy.
canoinfield.jpgWhat in the world was Cano thinking? He neglected to tell the Yankees he had a sore shoulder before trotting off to play in the WBC and is now being sent for an MRI? Would I ever like to grill him.
I also wish I could turn the She-Fan Cam on him.
AJ. spring.JPGA.J. had a terrific outing against the Astros. I’d ask him if he would make me a promise to keep throwing filthy stuff and not wind up on the DL.
And finally, I’d have a video chat with the Captain.
JETER-WBC-YANKEES.02.05.09.jpgI’d want to find out what happened against Puerto Rico. A mercy loss. Not good, guys.
P.S. Bob at “The Voice of the Yankees Universe” got a sneak peek inside the new Stadium and took lots of great pix. Have a look.
P.P.S. “Ron Kaplan’s Baseball Bookshelf” posted the audio of an interview with me about my book. Have a listen.


  1. crazy19canuck

    11-1. Mercy rule used. Jimmy will be disappointed, along with the rest of us. That rule just stinks. When is Cano going for his MRI?

  2. Jane Heller

    Cano is having the MRI Sunday. Supposedly. Marte’s having one too. He lifted weights during the WBC and hurt his shoulder.

  3. redbirdchatter

    Isn’t technology great? Team USA must have all been off having MRI’s during the game with Puerto Rico, because no one seemed to show up to play. Athough Puerto Rican pitching might have had a little something to do with it. Unbelievable.

  4. Kaybee

    Haha, you might have to get a support group to help with your addiction! But I know what you mean. I would like to talk to my boy Jake Peavy. What’s up with giving up six runs? Come on, Jake, I know you’re better than that!

  5. Jane Heller

    I figured you might be upset about Peavy’s performance, Kaybee. Did you love it when Lonnie talked about Trevor in the video?

  6. Elizabeth D

    I am always dying to talk to someone, anyone about baseball as well! Even if they’re just going to try and convince me that some players have different sexual orientations than they claim. I am addicted too, and I don’t care!

  7. raysrenegade

    You know,
    I am now glad I had to leave so fast and get to the game in Bradenton, or I might have been a She-Fan camera interview too. But to be honest, you do great interviews and the content is not flimsy or out of date.

    The She-Fan camera will fade with time. It is like a child with a new favorite shiny toy. You will not want it away from you side and you might even sleep with it, but it will become bothersome after a small bit of time.

    The good thing is that you are being creative with it and not just recording for the sake of recording….right? If you do have a problem, I am sure your husband will be more than willing to hide it and give it to you at respectable times so you can continue your obsession without causing people to avoid you with bed-hair or no makeup.

    I’m ready for my close up Mrs She-Fan!!

    Rays Renegade


  8. Jane Heller

    Yeah, I read that about Pedroia, Julia. I really, really wish they’d play the WBC during the off-season season, not spring training.

    I try to talk about other subjects, Elizabeth, and then, when they’re not expecting it, bam! A baseball question!

    You’re right, Renegade. You got out of that bookstore just in the nick of time or you would have been nabbed on camera for sure. We’ll see how long my little fling with the Cam lasts. Could be over soon. Or not.

  9. Jane Heller

    They’re a great deal, Metsmainman. Totally point and shoot and not expensive, relative to other camcorders.

    Yeah, Jeter should have plenty of free time coming up, Gomets. He’s not a good interview though. He always says, “Bottom line: We just have to win games.” He never spills.

  10. scofid

    A-Rod had better look out if the She-Fan Cam is in the area! Yeah, I remember back when I could write about the Yankees. Those were the good old days. I am definitely looking forward to my “release” so that I can return to the Pinstriped ways! 😉


  11. Erin Kathleen

    Ugh, Glen Perkins is terrible. And it looks like the Twins put in the C-squad today, so I think you guys are going to win this one. It’s interesting to see the Yanks manufacturing runs for once, though. Good Lord, if they can start doing things like that they will be unstoppable.-Erinhttp://plunking-gomez.mlblogs.com

  12. letsgoyankees

    I’m going to say what everybody here is thinking but nobody wants to admit because it makes them look bad-Dustin Pedroia (and for that matter Lugo too) being hurt is really good for the Yanks and possibly the only way they could stay in the A.L. East Race. I’m really mad at the Yanks right now, moving the MRI’s to Monday. What are they trying to pull! The fans want to know what’s wrong with their players!

  13. Jane Heller

    I’m looking forward to your release from captivity too, Scott. We need you back with us!

    The Yankees manufacturing runs? I guess anything is possible, Erin. The most important thing for the Yankees was that Posada caught a few innings without any pain in his shoulder. Whew.

    I don’t think the Yankees are pulling anything, Letsgoyankees. They’re just waiting until Monday for the MRIs. Not unreasonable.

    Perish the thought, Babu. Maybe we should have grabbed Orlando Hudson while we had the chance.

  14. letsgoyankees

    Argh, you’re right. I’m just frustrated with all the injuries. Our infield is dropping like flies.

  15. Jane Heller

    Hey, V. I’ve been gone most of the day so I’ll go check out your blog now and see what’s going on with Team USA.

    It’s called a Flip Video Camcorder, Panzz. They have a web site, so just do a search for Flip Video and you’ll find all the info. Really fun to use.

    Sounds like Cano’s injury isn’t that bad, Letsgoyankees. He did take a few hacks in today’s game.

    I’m about to go take a look at tonight’s game, Jenn. Hope it’s not a repeat of the last one. Ugh.

    Welcome back, Neal. We missed you!

  16. rrrt

    Jane, what a nifty little camera! For something so small, the picture quality is pretty good. And easy to carry around, unlike other camcorders.
    BTW, today (Monday) is Jenn’s (Phillies Phollowers) birthday. Check my blog a little later – I’ve got something for her she’ll appreciate (and other she-fans as well)!
    Rants, Raves, and Random Thoughts

  17. Jane Heller

    What a perfect day for Jenn to have a birthday: the Yanks are playing the Phillies! I’ll go check your blog for the surprise.

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