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Life in Paradise

I’d be in a better mood today if it hadn’t been raining for five days straight, with a forecast for more. At this point I think my hair is growing these.
My street is open, but there’s a creek that overflowed, and rocks have slid down the hillside. It’s not as bad as this, but it feels like it.
Here’s the radar for this afternoon.
Not a whole lot of breaks in the action. The local weather guy sounded really excited at the prospect of all the rain turning to snow tonight up in the hills where I live. Seriously. If I wanted snow, I would have moved somewhere else.
During all this rain I frittered away some time by browsing other Yankees blogs. For example:
* LoHud has a profile of the 2010 Baltimore Orioles.
* River Ave Blues dissects a stat known as wOBA.
* Zell’s Pinstripe Blog makes the case for retiring Joe Torre’s number.
I have to admit: I can’t get worked up about any of it. I don’t care about the Orioles right now. I don’t need to know what a wOBA is. Whether Torre’s number is or isn’t retired doesn’t make my pulse race. Is it the weather that’s causing my lack of interest? Or is it simply the fact that I want the Johnny Damon situation resolved? I can’t really move forward until I know if he’s coming back or, if not, where he’s going. So please, Cashman and Boras, put me out of my misery already. I’m pretty sure that if you guys announce a deal, the sun will finally come out here in California and it will feel like paradise again. Thank you.