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On the Eve of Yankees-Angels Game 1….

The time for pre-game posturing is over.
The hype about how unbeatable the Angels are means nothing.
Who cares if they stole 100 bases.
Good for Abreu that he found a new home.
How special that John Lackey isn’t intimidated by New York.
So what if Kendry Morales is the Second Coming.
I prefer to focus on the Yankees and what a special, soul-stirring, we-can-do-anything season they’ve had. And so without further ado, I’m posting a video that my Yankees blogger friend Michael Fierman sent me. It got me on my feet cheering, feeling positive about the ALCS and believing that my team will find a way to win. I hope it does the same for other Yankee fans.
See you back here tomorrow. Fingers crossed that the weather clears in time for the game.