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Jays Trade Halladay to Yankees!!!!!

O.K., so it hasn’t exactly happened yet. But Dan Graziano’s item in the Newark Star-Ledger the other day got me obsessing about the Blue Jays. 


What if they can’t or don’t even try to re-sign A.J. Burnett and, as a result, decide to cut payroll? Roy Halladay is supposed to make $30 million over the next two years. Will the Jays be up for that? And will Doc himself have any interest in staying in Toronto without his buddy in the rotation? He looks pretty depressed just contemplating it.
Graziano said: “Toronto did some quiet snooping around the trade deadline to see what kind of package they could get if they did put Halladay on the market.”
Excuse me? They actually floated the idea of trading Harry Leroy Halladay III? The best pitcher in the American League? The Cy Young award winner and five-time All-Star? The guy who throws complete games? They thought about trading him and no one told She-Fan?
“Halladay might not want to stick around,” Graziano theorized. “And he’d bring a treasure trove of talent in a trade.”
Did you read that, Cashman? The Yankees should forget about CC, A.J., D-Lowe, and all the other pretenders and go for the hurler who not only has the best nickname in baseball but strikes fear in the hearts of batters all across this great land of ours. Sure, it’s a long shot, since the Yanks and Jays are in the same division. But you have to try. We got the Babe from the Red Sox, remember?
The one glitch is the treasure trove of talent Graziano mentioned.
We don’t have one. Offering the Blue Jays a package of Cano, Melky, Hughes, and Kennedy won’t make this deal happen.
But I’m not giving up and neither should Cashman. Because we do have treasures we could put on the table. They just aren’t wearing pinstripes.
For example, we could give the Blue Jays some diamonds.
And rubies.
And emeralds.
Even gold bullion. We probably have enough left from what they used on the lettering at the new Stadium.
See? Who says we don’t have treasures. And there’s more!
We could ship some New York landmarks to Canada.
And, although a lot of people cross over it to get to and from the Bronx, we could part with it for Roy Halladay. They can take the Lincoln Tunnel, for goodness sake. Or the Holland.
And then there are the quintessential New York luminaries we could send them. Like him.
And him.
And them.
Oh, I suppose we’d have to toss in a Steinbrenner. Not Hal, of course, now that he’s our Control Person. And not Hank, because he’s such fun. How about one of the girls? Perhaps we give them Jessica Steinbrenner, bless her heart.
It’s clear that we can come up with a more than satisfactory package, isn’t it? So please, Cashman. Think about this. Roy would be the answer to our prayers. To mine, anyway.