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The Cisco Kid Strikes Again

Somehow, Francisco Cervelli always makes the most of his starts. He may be the Yankees’ backup catcher, but is there anybody who doesn’t think he could be the #1 catcher on some other team? Yeah, he’s young, but he does stuff that other catchers don’t….Like run. What a concept. Hit a triple? No problem. Lay down a bunt? Piece of cake. Chase a foul ball into the dugout? Easy. 
(Love Tony Pena ducking.)
No, it wasn’t as daring as this.
But it was entertaining just the same. And I don’t know how Cisco can concentrate with that big helmet on his head. It would be like me trying to write this blog looking like this.
Speaking of backup personnel, how about Pena as the backup shortstop and Gardner as the backup center fielder and Joba as the backup closer. They all did a great job. Sure, A-Rod worked a bases loaded walk, but the A-list guys were basically no shows in the offense department tonight. Here’s who did show up though: AJ. Can we please have a hand for his spectacular seven-plus innings?
He may have been inconsistent last season, but so far he’s looking like a potential 20-game winner, along with CC, Andy and Huuuuughes. To sum up, Tex and A-Rod aren’t doing squat and yet the Yanks are still winning series. It’ll be scary for the opposition when those two get their act together.

How Many Penas Does It Take To Screw Up A Ball Game?


This Pena (Brayan) doubled off Phil Coke in the eighth inning, evening the score at 4-4 and wasting Joba’s fine performance.
This Pena (Tony Junior) was the one who scampered home with the tying run.
This Pena (Ramiro) should have been in the lineup instead of Ransom, who is now 0-for-900, or so it feels.
And this Pena (Tony Senior) should have compelled Girardi to use Edwar or Albaladejo in the eighth – anybody but Veras, who invariably walks batters in close games. This Pena should also have leaned on the skipper to pull Coke, once it was clear he had nothing. Isn’t that what bench coaches are for? As a result, the Yankees went down to the Royals 6-4.
Other grievances…
Yes, it was raining and the conditions weren’t optimal, but did Callaspo’s grounder really have to dribble through Swisher’s legs…before it dribbled through Cano’s legs too? The play was reminiscent of last year’s Cano-Betemit routine where a ball rolled between them for a hit. It also reminded me of this.
Other moments of hilarity? Whenever Kansas City’s official scorer ruled that an obvious error was, instead, a base hit.
A moment of non-hilarity? When I found out that Tex was out of the lineup again because of his left wrist tendinitis. I really can’t stand the words: “We’re shutting him down.” They give me visions of this.
Does anyone remember when I said I wanted to kidnap the Orioles’ Nick Markakis, because he was so tough against the Yankees? Well, now I’ve decided to kidnap Joakim Soria, the Royals’ closer, who struck out the side in the ninth and looked very, very nasty.
If anyone sees this man, please let me know and I’ll alert my people.

How Much Do Coaches Matter?

That’s what I’m wondering after reading about the shift within the Yankees.

Tony Pena will move from first base coach, where, among other things, he patted hitters on the butt for getting on base and whispered sweet nothings about the possibility of stealing. Now he’ll be the bench coach. I like this move. Pena was “Manager of the Year” for the Royals in 2003, has lots of experience and wisdom to offer Girardi, and is said to be highly regarded by the players.
What about Rob Thomson?
He’ll be filling the vacancy at third following the departure of Meacham. I like this move too, primarily because I thought Meacham was a windmill who ran the Yankees into far too many outs – and because we couldn’t persuade Bowa to leave the Dodgers.
At first base will be Mick Kelleher. I don’t know much about him except that he was the Yankees’ “minor league defensive coordinator,” whatever that means.
I guess Dave Eiland and Kevin Long are safe in their jobs. For now.
O.K. Fine. This all sounds reasonable. But what the Yankees need are quality players. So I hope you’re having fun in Dana Point, Cashman, but please bring us back some All Stars.