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Cleaning Up

That’s what Cano did tonight, batting in the #4 spot, and it paid off for the Yankees big time. I LOVE that he stepped up and filled A-Rod’s shoes.
And how about the game’s other heroes, including Swisher and Granderson (welcome back!). And then, of course, there was Phil Huuuuuughes, who handled the Indians with ease and – even during those innings when the game was close – made me feel as if this one would be a no-doubter. The defense was great too (hello, Tex), and Mitre did a nice job to nail it down. To sum this one up, I’ll quote Dorothy.
“There’s no place like home.”
Hope everyone’s enjoying the holiday weekend, and GO YANKS!

There’s No Place Like Home

I was trying not to think about the playoffs, I really was. I drove down to LA on Friday for a lunch meeting arranged by my agent with a woman producer who is interested in my novels for TV movies. We were sitting in the restaurant, talking business, when I slipped and said the word “Yankees.” I expected her to roll her eyes or stare blankly at me or launch into a speech about her love for the Angels or Dodgers, given that we were in SoCal. Instead, she beamed and asked, “Are you a Yankee fan?” Well, forget the TV movies. All we did for the rest of the lunch was discuss Jeter, A-Rod and everybody on the roster. She said Andy Pettitte was her favorite Yankee and I said wouldn’t it be great if he nailed down the victory at the new Stadium, and we went on and on about the Bombers. It was an omen; I had found yet another she-fan in the last place I expected to find one, and it had to mean the Yankees would beat the Angels in Game 6. She and I decided that it all boiled down to home field advantage.
And so, with Hollywood and the Bronx in mind, I’m posting this video to remind everybody that we’re home. We’re in our house. We survived the Wicked Witch and her flying rally monkeys, and are now safely back where we belong, just like Dorothy. The pennant will be ours.
  Go Yankees.