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And My Tarot Card Reader Says….Yankees Will Win!

Some of you may remember that I wondered about the Yankees’ future back in February, sought answers from Santa Barbara-based tarot card reader Patricia Diorio, and wrote about the reading in The New York Times.
While Patricia did predict the Yanks would win the 2009 World Series all those months ago, I needed reassurance on the eve of Game 6. So I went to see her this afternoon – with the She-Fan Cam in hand. The reading is split in two parts. Yes, they’re long by YouTube standards. But if you want the whole story, here it is. God, I hope she’s right about everything.
I will now go to sleep visualizing Yankees pouring out of the dugout, jumping all over each other on the field, spraying champagne in the clubhouse, waving to people during the parade, all of it. Sweet dreams.