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If I Lived In Tampa, I’d Be At The Airport

As everyone knows, this is the week that pitchers and catchers report. Sure, there are some players who came to camp early. But for the most part, Yankees will be arriving and if I were in Tampa I’d be staking out the airport.
Maybe I’d see CC unloading his luggage.
Or Andy hopping into his rental car.
Or A.J. practicing his pie throwing on some poor, unsuspecting passerby.
Maybe I’d see Jorge waiting for people to ask for his autograph.
Or I’d catch Cervelli hanging out with some very interesting looking friends.
The point is, if I were there I might see Yankees – lots of Yankees. After the long, long off-season, the sight of them would be very welcome indeed. I’m even psyching myself up for him. Yeah, it’s been a long off-season.
javier vazquez 5.jpg