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Random Thoughts On Soriano’s Press Conference

Have a peek at this excerpt if you haven’t seen the whole thing already.
Here are my take-aways:
1) Cashman: Did he gain some weight this off-season? Or was it just those pancakes he ate at the breakfast yesterday? Also, I loved how he called Soriano “Rafi” and Mo “Mr. Mariano Rivera.”
2) Girardi: “Now we have two closers.” Works for me, Joe. It’s not my money.
3) Soriano needed a translator? Or maybe Boras was just afraid his client would blurt out, “Hey, Cash, I know you didn’t want me here but everybody else did so stuff it.”
4) I really liked Soriano’s suit. No undertaker look for him in that taupe or whatever color it was.
5) I don’t want to be done with these press conferences. There needs to be another one before spring training – and I’m not talking about Pettitte, despite reports today that he’s been “throwing” just in case he decides to join the party. I’m talking about an as-yet-to-be-named starter who will put on the pinstripes for the first time. The Tigers DFA-ed Armando Galarraga. He pitched a perfect game, for God’s sake, and he’s only 29. Could he really be that bad?

Damon’s Coming Back to the Yankees!

Brian Cashman doesn’t even know this yet.
Scott Boras doesn’t know it either.
But I just met with Damon at an Orlando cafeteria, and he’s agreed to suck it up and put the pinstripes back on. I know there are some fans who weren’t sorry to see him go, but I haven’t forgotten his two stolen bases in the World Series or his liners into Damon’s Deck or the way he acknowledges the Bleacher Creatures during the roll call.
He’s a gamer. And our lineup will be better with him in it. Why did he decide to return to the team? Here’s our conversation.
I was only trying to help. If for some reason, Cashman made a deal for Holliday without telling anybody, we’ll have waaaay too many outfielders. But let’s cross that bridge when we come to it.

How Much Power Does Scott Boras Really Have?

As I sit and wait for some free agent to sign somewhere….tick tock, tick tock….I can’t help but be reminded that one man controls the destiny of almost every coveted player except CC and AJ. (Maybe he doesn’t handle clients who go by initials only.) He is The One who will oversee the futures of the following…..
not to mention Jason Varitek, Garret Anderson (or did he retire), Ivan Rodriguez (he should retire) and Julian Tavarez (he should be locked away in a padded cell). The One of whom I speak is, of course, this man.
You can tell he’s Scott Boras by how hard he’s plotting and planning. The question is: Is his power limited to the fates of baseball players? Or does it extend far, far beyond the realm of sports?
Like can he negotiate a bailout for these three?


Can he reunite these men at Madison Square Garden, including the dead ones?
Can he take away all the calories in this and turn it into a health food?
Can he make this man funny again?
Can he cause it to rain in drought-stricken California?
Can he cure diseases and enable us to live forever?
If he can do all that, he can surely do this.
Yes, if you are really so powerful, Scottie, you can make this happen simply by handing over your FAs to us for a pittance. It would be a gesture of good will after what you put us through with A-Rod last year, and it would make you a god in New York.
Unfortunately, it would make you the opposite everywhere else.
Your choice, Scott. Use your power wisely.

Boras’s Secret Book on Mark Teixeira

You know how Scott Boras puts together those big fat books promoting his free agent clients – the ones he fills with gaudy stats and then hands them out to GMs? Well, I managed to get my hands on the book about Mark Teixeira. So exciting because I covet the guy for the Yankees almost as much as I covet CC.


But this one is more like a sweet little biography, giving us a glimpse of Mark’s personal side. Nothing at all about his offense.
texswing.jpgOr his defense.
Nothing about the millions he’s worth to some team. This story focuses on the man, the person, the human being behind the hype. Warning: It’s so heartwarming it might make you cry.
It all begins with Mark Charles Teixeira’s birth in Annapolis, MD. The date? April 11th, 1980.
Yes, for those who follow astrology, that means he’s Aries, the Ram – a good thing to be for a ballplayer.
Mark, it turns out, is of Portuguese ancestry, which explains his interesting and hard-to-pronounce last name. Here are some Portuguese people. Can you spot the resemblance?

Neither can I, but maybe he’ll grow into his looks.
His mom, a schoolteacher named Margie, and his aerospace company executive dad, “Tex,” wanted their son to make it in professional baseball so badly that they gave him a bat when he was only a small child.
As a teenager, Mark played varsity baseball at Mount Saint Joseph High in Baltimore, a Catholic prep school where he learned how to respect his elders (and future managers).
He went on to play for Georgia Tech, home of the Yellow Jackets.

While it’s understandable that he rooted for the Orioles growing up, the player he totally worshipped was none other than our own Donnie.
You already know how Mark played for the Rangers, was traded to the Braves in ’07 and landed with the Angels last year. But did you know that he married a woman named Georgia Leigh Williams (cute that her name is the same as his university, isn’t it?) and that they have a son, Jack, and a daughter, Addison? They live in perfect harmony here.
Mark is such a quality person that, early on in his career, he established a charitable foundation to provide scholarships to Dallas/Forth Worth students.
When he’s not playing baseball and spending time with his family, Mark enjoys his two favorite hobbies.
Golf, of course. And hunting.
The book doesn’t say whether Mark kills deer or ducks or pheasants, but the main thing is he doesn’t strike me as someone who would stuff his animals and hang them over the fireplace.
Finally, Mark explains in the book that he has always wanted to live in New York and play for the Yankees. He says that he loves the pinstripes and can’t wait to trade his Angels cap for this one.
Oops. I meant this one.