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Off Topic: Men Dressing Like Women

I was feeling bored with the Hot Stove season – it really should be called the Lukewarm Stove season at this point – so I took refuge in other, non-sports sections of newspapers today. What a revelation! It turns out that men are wearing pantyhose. Not only that, these male pantyhose have a little name of their own: mantyhose.


Check out the story in the Daily News if you don’t believe me. I asked my husband if he would ever wear mantyhose, and he said: “You’re out of your ******* mind.” (Yeah, he cursed me. I retaliated by hiding the TV remote.)
After I was finished reading the papers, I jumped on to the blogs. And what did I find? More cross-dressing. Alex over at Coast-to-Coast Baseball posted this old clip of Jeter’s guest stint on “Saturday Night Live.” I bet Jeet is wearing mantyhose. Take a look. The sound quality isn’t great, so turn up the volume.
I bet David Wells is wearing mantyhose too. Who knew he had such shapely legs?

Movie Break

With no baseball to watch (I can’t imagine what I’ll do after the World Series is over), I went to see the Oliver Stone movie “W.” Josh Brolin absolutely nails George Bush’s accent and mannerisms, but the movie itself is like a “Saturday Night Live” parody that lasts forever and bores you to tears. I think I nodded out a couple of times. The trailer is much more entertaining.