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Laughing Through Loss

Yes, of course I wanted the Yankees to end the first half of the season on a high note.


But it was not to be. Instead, the Yanks were swept by the Halos. The cold, hard truth was everywhere I looked.
In the Daily News…

Angels bedevil Yankees again, beat CC Sabathia for series sweep

In the Post…



In Newsday…

Yankees Enter Break With Whimper After Sweep by Angels

I couldn’t escape the fact that CC didn’t deliver as our ace. He wasn’t terrible by any means, but he labored through a tough fourth inning, finally getting replaced by Hughes in the seventh. What was he thinking? That he missed Cervelli? That he wished he could be back in the National League? That he was dying for a porterhouse or six?
Tex may be headed to St. Louis for the All-Star game, but he’ll be taking some baggage with him. And I’m not talking about this kind.
I’m talking about the fact that he had “a quiet series,” as the Angels announcer discreetly put it. He came up in the seventh with bases loaded, took Lackey (who was at 105 pitches and on the ropes) to a full count, and struck out.
He was up again in the ninth, with the Yanks only down by a run, and flied out. He wasn’t quiet in this series. He was on mute.
And then there was A-Rod. He did not have a good day. Never mind the foul pop up that almost hit him in the head after he couldn’t catch it. He, too, batted in the seventh and dashed my hopes of a rally by hitting into a double play. I mean, that really hurt. So did his strikeout to end the whole fiasco.
The weekend left me reeling. After the game, the players all said the equivalent of: “It’s just one series and we’ll come back strong.” Right. Then off they went to live their lives for a few days. What about me? How was I supposed to forgive and forget?
And then I knew. I would block out all mention of the Yankees for awhile and think about “Bruno.” I saw the Sasha Baron Cohen movie earlier today and laughed so hard I’m surprised you didn’t hear me. If you weren’t into “Borat,” forget this one; it’s even more obscene and absurd. But if you like comedy that offends absolutely everyone, this is the way to spend two hours.