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New Reality Show: Who Wants To Be A Yankees Pitcher?

It’s spring training. I understand that. But why wasn’t there a single pitcher who could get through an inning without giving up a run to the Reds in the Yankees’ 13-11 loss? Because there wasn’t, that’s why. Not. One. Pitcher.


Don’t these kids work out in the off-season? Don’t they throw the ball around with their dads? Don’t they even try to simulate a real game or would their arms turn to sawdust?
All I know is that the Yankees took a bus load of pitchers to Sarasota and none of them looked ready for prime time.
Aceves: 3 runs.
Albaladejo: 1 run.
Cox: 1 run.
(Yes, that’s Jim Carrey. Cox doesn’t have a photo on the Yankees web site yet, and judging by today’s performance he never will.)
Marte: 2 runs.
Bruney: 1 run.
Garcia: 4 big ones.
Melancon: 1 run.
Again. I realize it’s spring training. Just practice. It doesn’t count. Who cares if the Yankees hurlers are rusty, ironing out the kinks, fine-tuning their stuff? 
Great, but what if I used the same standard on this blog? Should I misspell every other word and forget what commas are for and act as if I’m just practicing? It’s spring training for me too, and yet you don’t hear me whining about being rusty.
So pull it together, pitchers, especially you, Melancon or Melancholy or whatever your name is. Just get batters out, would you? Somebody? Please?
Update: Just taped an interview with MLBlogger Lisa Winston and her hubby Wayne Wilentz for their “Baseball Honeymoon” podcast airing later this week. They asked me to name my top five baseball books and here’s the list I gave them. (No, I didn’t say my own book. I’m not that shameless.)
Ball Four
The Bronx Zoo
The Boys of Summer
Living on the Black
Fear Strikes Out
Anyone else have a top five list?