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Are Vampires The New Ball Players?

Granted, I’m a little slow during baseball season. I don’t notice anything or anyone unless it/he/she pertains to the Yankees in some way. But now that the season is over, I’ve emerged from my cave.
And lo and behold, there’s life beyond the pinstripes! The Senate started debating a health care bill. Sarah Palin went on a book tour. And Taylor Swift won the top prize at the American Music Awards without Kanye West interrupting her speech. 
But the event in popular culture that really escaped me was the phenomenon that is the “Twilight” series. Obviously, I knew the books have sold well and that first movie in the series was a hit. But “New Moon,” the follow up, grossed $142 million this past weekend. That’s so huge I had to go online and watch the trailer.
So can someone please explain all this to me? No question Robert Pattinson is gorgeous, and I get that these stories have a forbidden love/Romeo and Juliet quality. But why are vampires so hot again? They’re all over “True Blood” on HBO, and there are other book series starring love-struck blood suckers. 
All I know is that, given the choice, I would have passed up “New Moon” in favor of the premiere of the World Series DVD that was shown at the Ziefeld Theater tonight. Mariano Rivera can take a bite out of my neck any time he wants.

Making History


Yes, the GMs are still meeting in Dana Point, but Barack Hussein Obama became America’s 44th president tonight. Condolences to any McCain supporters out there, but I’m in a celebratory mood. I went to an election night party with great food, great wine and great people. We had the plasma going nonstop as each state’s votes were tabulated, only taking a break from CNN and MSNBC to watch Stewart/Colbert on their Comedy Central special.
Questions still to be answered:
* What will happen to Sarah Palin? Will she go back to Alaska or land a job at ESPN?
* Can we get Obama to throw out the first pitch at the opening of the new Yankee Stadium in April? And will he bounce it to home plate or make a really good throw to Jorge?
* Will the Yankees sign Mark Teixeira? Sorry, this has nothing to do with the election, but I’m obsessed. According to Peter Abraham, Cashman says he’s not interested in having a makeshift first baseman (for ex: Damon or Matsui moving to first). This is music to my ears. I want a real first baseman too. I want somebody with experience and expertise in that position. I want Teixeira. Please, Cash, make it happen. Sign Tex and we can keep him out of the clutches of the Angels and Red Sox. Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! (Well, the slogan worked for Obama.)

On the Eve of the GM Meetings…

Let the spending begin!
Oh, why not. Yes, it’s tacky to talk about money given the state of our economy, but I’m sick of people sniping at the Yankees’ big payroll. Never mind that the Red Sox, Mets, Angels, and Dodgers aren’t exactly penniless. I’m tired of pointing that out. Plus, it’s true that the Yankees have the deepest pockets now that some of those pricey contracts are coming off the books. We have sacks of money, in fact.
In today’s NY Post Joel Sherman has some thoughts about how the Yanks could spend the dough. But the point I’d like to make to Cashman is…..Just spend it. It’s not coming out of our college tuitions or mortgage payments or shopping sprees to Neiman Marcus. (I know, I know. Palin is returning the clothes.) And we’re grownups; we’re aware that all the spending doesn’t guarantee us a championship and we can handle it if some of the deals are a bust. But for God’s sake, Cash, if you’ve got the green light to sign somebody good, sign him!
Over at the Sox and Pinstripes blog, Jeff (the Sox advocate) says he no longer fears the Yankees. He respects us; he just doesn’t quake in his boots at the sight of us anymore. My answer? We’re still the New York Yankees who won 26 World Championships and we’re proud. We wear our hearts on our shoulders.
On the backs of our heads too.
Even our highest paid player wears his pinstripes proudly.
So be afraid, people. Very afraid.

Trick or Treat

Just came back from stalking the neighborhood in my Halloween costume (I was Jeanie Zelasco), and everywhere I went I got the same question: “Are the Yankees really getting Manny?” It was nonstop!
Not only that, you should have seen all the kids. Oh, sure. There were a few Sarah Palins. But every other costume was Manny – different versions of Manny.
I saw a Rookie Manny.
I saw a couple of Clean Cut Mannys.
I saw a Blonde Kevin Millar Manny.
I saw a Beauty Salon Manny.
I saw a Dodgers Dreadlocks Manny.
And I saw a Short Curly Locks Manny.
Yes, Manuel Aristides Ramirez Oneleida (did you know he had another last name?) was all over the neighborhood. Hank Steinbrenner told the Associated Press today that Manny was a possible option for the Yanks (along with every other free agent), and his words had a ripple effect all the way across the country to California.
Will the Manster, indeed, end up in the Bronx? I say absolutely not. We don’t need a mediocre outfielder who’s 36 years old and will cost a fortune. We don’t need a troublemaker who will shove our traveling secretary. We don’t need someone who says he hates the spotlight. We don’t need a player who fakes injuries. And we really don’t need a father with two sons named Manny, because it’s much too confusing for our media relations department.
So it’ll be NO to Manny for the above reasons and others too numerous to mention.
Of course, I predicted the Rays would win the World Series.