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AJ Takes Care of Business

What a luxury to have a starter who can shut down his former team, especially after they absolutely creamed him the last time around.


The Yankees needed a pick-me-up following CC’s crummy outing on Thursday, and AJ delivered it against the Blue Jays. He wasn’t perfect – Why does Vernon Wells emerge from his slumps whenever the Jays play the Yanks? – but he gave us seven innings of two-run ball with seven strikeouts.
Question of the day regarding the above photo. Is he saying:
#1) “Oh, Lyle, you know damn well the ball didn’t touch your toe,” after Overbay poorly portrayed the role of a hit batsman in the second inning.
#2) “Oh, Johnny, use your sunglasses,” after Damon made that non-catch of Scutero’s double in the third.
#3) “Oh, Bud, I can’t believe you’re making us put on these red Phillies/Angels caps,” after MLB decided that a nice, simple American flag wouldn’t get the job done.
(My guess is #3. Even Mo looked weird wearing the red cap when he came in for the save, and Mo never looks weird.)
The offense gave me fits early on, turning Tallet into yet another Cy Young award winner. Cano’s second inning homer was sweet…
…but he’s been just plain rotten with men on base.
The Yanks should have blown the game wide open in the fifth inning when Tallet suddenly couldn’t figure out where this was.
But they only managed to score a couple of runs. It wasn’t until A-Rod went deep in the eighth, to put us up 4-2, that I felt the win was a lock.
Coke and Hughes were impressive bridges to Mo, and that was that – a “w” to kick off the four-game series with Toronto.
With the Neverland memorial out of the picture, my husband Michael and I ventured out to one of our favorite beaches here in Santa Barbara and took a long walk. There were tons of tourists enjoying the start to the holiday, and we decided to join them. We hit Stearn’s Wharf, where everyone who visits SB ends up.
It’s a long pier with shops and restaurants and great views. Our goal? Food. And not just any food. Summer food.
I admit it. I was a total glutton. Not only did I polish off the whole thing but I had a hot fudge sundae at the ice cream place a few doors down. Gross, I know. But hey, it’s not July 4th weekend every day.
Happy 4th in advance, everyone, and thanks so much for reading.