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Kevin and Robbie’s Excellent Adventure

First….The fire in Montecito/Santa Barbara is now 80% contained, and my house is out of danger. “Relieved” doesn’t begin to describe it. Thanks to those who expressed concern. Much appreciated.

Moving on to Yankees news, this week will be about free agents and trades and potentially new players in pinstripes. But it will also be about the travel plans of our hitting coach.

Yes, people, Kevin Long is flying to the Dominican Republic. His mission? To work on the swing of Robinson Cano because Kevin takes his job very seriously.
Trouble is, this is Cano we’re talking about, and I’m not so sure how seriously he takes his job.

He likes to have a good time.
My hunch is that from the minute Kevin arrives in San Pedro de Macoris, it’ll be all play and no work and the boys will party.
A beautiful seaside city known as “The Cradle of Shortstops” because of all the professional ballplayers who’ve called it home, San Pedro boasts such famous faces as
and, most infamously, Sammy.
The most popular drink in San Pedro is the “Guavaberry,” that’s part native fruit and a whole lot a rum. I’ve got a buzz just thinking about it.
I can foresee Kevin and Robbie belting back a few of those and then hitting the town. Maybe they’ll head to the beach and pick up some fine bikini-clad women.
For lunch Robbie will introduce Kevin to native food.
(I know that’s rice and beans on the left, but are we possibly looking at curried goat on the right? And do they have Pepto Bismol in the Dominican?)
Next up: Robbie introduces Kevin to a local custom whose name I can’t mention without being censored.
After a siesta, the boys will have a few more guaveberry shooters and then hit the casino. They don’t have CC Sabathia money, but they have enough to do damage at the tables.
After a dinner of some delicacy that involves spindly creatures of the sea
they’ll very likely feel the Latin beat and go dancing.
And then all of this will be repeated for another six days. Kevin will come back to the States hung over and exhausted. Girardi will ask, “So how did it go with Cano?” And Kevin will lie and say, “I totally fixed his swing. Mission accomplished.”
Maybe if Kevin watches this video about San Pedro de Macoris before he leaves, he’ll be better prepared to withstand the temptations and actually make a difference in our second baseman’s offense. Take a look, Kev. And travel safe.