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Yanks-Rays Round 3: Death By Bullpen

bullpen at YS.JPG
Ring…Moseley…Gaudin…Albaladejo. Thanks, guys. I appreciate it.
Actually, Ring can be forgiven. It was his Yankees debut and he gave up a walk. Not a criminal offense. But the others? Please. All we needed to complete the parade of mediocrity was Mitre, but he must have been busy toweling off after the rain or something.
The rain. I forgot to blame it too. For all we know, A.J. would have had a nice outing and we wouldn’t have had to use our D-list relief corps. On the other hand, the offense was getting no-hit until Berkman went deep. I guess it wasn’t the Yankees’ night, except for the defense; there were some terrific plays by Tex, among others. He can hardly hold a bat but he still shines at first base. Now for the Big Question: Did our friends Peggy, Melissa, YankeeCase/Eddie and Ladyjane/Jane stay through the long rain delay? Did they meet up as planned? Did they get drenched?
rain at YS.jpeg
I hope they’ll check in and tell all. Meanwhile, I’m counting on CC to wrap up the series tomorrow night with a dominant performance. Like a complete game shutout performance. Like a no-doubter that sends me into the weekend feeling better than I feel right now.
Update: Right after I hit “publish,” an email from Melissa floated into my inbox with a photo of our “core four” at the game tonight. Without further ado, here are (from left to right): Jane, Melissa, Eddie and Peggy.
And take a look at the buttons the gang is sporting. Melissa made them and here’s what they say…
How cool are they? I love them!!!!!

A Time Out For Haiti

I was all set to write a smart-alecky post tonight about how the Yankees signed someone named Royce Ring.
Don’t we also have someone named Boone Logan now? The Yankees are accumulating pitchers with cool names if nothing else. Surely, at some point Cashman will get around to signing a left fielder (Yo! Damon!), not to mention some bodies for the currently non-existent bench.
But I’m not really interested in Royce or Boone tonight, knowing that Haiti is such a mess after the earthquake there. When do the people in that country ever catch a break? It’s one disaster after another. So I’d just like to state my hope that Haitians find a way to emerge from this latest horror and that the U.S. can provide aid. I’ll be chipping in on my end. When I hear about a 7.0 quake, I say to myself, “Please don’t let it happen here in California.” 
I’ll write about baseball tomorrow, I promise.