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Not What I Had In Mind

I didn’t get to see the Yanks lose to the White Sox in real time, thanks to my Thursday night writing workshop. But I came home and watched most of it after the fact. Let’s just say that if I were writing a script based on the 3-2 game, I’d probably call it “Reality Bites.”
What another waste of a good performance by Pettitte. No wonder he’s disgusted.
It wasn’t bad enough that the Yankees offense spent the evening striking out with frightening frequency? Then he had to slip and make a throwing error?
And if that wasn’t bad enough, A-Rod blew a grounder that should have been an error and, with Hughes on in relief, Cano blew a routine double play ball that actually was an error. Nice work, boys!
Still, when Swisher hit one out against his old team in the ninth to tie the score, I thought I’d be witnessing yet another Yankees comeback. But it was the White Sox that came back. The nerve. No, I didn’t expect Hughes to keep his scoreless streak alive forever, but….well, yes I did, because I’m a mental patient regarding the Yankees.
I suppose the game was never meant to go our way. I mean, a “preventative rain delay?” What is that anyway? 
OK, fine. It’s over. I have to let it go. This loss puts more pressure on us to win tomorrow night, but whatever. Time to lighten up. So here are a few more Yankee/celebrity lookalikes.
Andy Pettitte and Ray Romano? What do you think? (This one courtesy of Yankee fan and commenter adirondackgal.)
And then we have Johnny Damon and Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees fame (courtesy of Yankeemeg).
And finally, what about Cody Ransom and the guy from “Two and a Half Men?” (No, not Charlie Sheen. The other one.)
Cody Ransom.jpg
OK, maybe they’re all a stretch, but I had to find some way to forget about this game tonight. I wish I hadn’t watched the tape and, instead, just stuck my head in the sand.
P.S. I’m having a lot of trouble posting comments on other sites today, so forgive the lack of reciprocal responses. Sitting here watching the “internal error” message pop up isn’t my idea of a productive use of time. I’m giving up.