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I Have Some News

I’m moving. Well, to be more precise, this blog is moving. I’ve had a tremendous time here at MLBlogs but I’ve decided to bring “Confessions” over to my web site, which will have a new look and feature the launch of another blog called “Mainly Jane” (its content will cover non-baseball-related stuff like books, the writing process, movies, recipes, you name it).
It’s hard for me to believe that I only started the “Confessions” blog because a publicist at Rodale told me to. They were about to publish my “She-Fan” book and the publicist wanted me to get out and promote it. “Sign up at MLBlogs and make some baseball friends,” she said. “And be sure you post a lot.”
I honestly didn’t know what she was talking about. I may have even said, “What’s a blog?” 
But I did sign up here, and once I started writing about the Yankees I couldn’t stop. And I did make baseball friends – so many. I jumped up and down the first time somebody left a comment. I couldn’t believe anybody would want to read what I had to say. In the early days I “met” other MLBloggers like Jeff, Paul, Renegade, Elizabeth, Jenn, Sue, Cat and Emma, and then the non-MLBloggers/Yankee fans joined the party: Melissa, Diane, Dave, Peggy, Barbara, Harold, ladyjane, dj, medicap, Freya, John, Wendy, Ellen, Antonella, Nadine and all the gang. (I know I’m leaving people out and I’m very sorry; my brain is fried tonight.)
I’ll post the new location/address/url for “Confessions” as soon as Kristen, my web guru, gives me the all clear that we’re live over there. We’re shooting for Friday, but tech things can go awry so I’ll be more specific about a day as we get closer.
I realize I’ll lose some readers; it goes with the territory when you move. But I hope most will follow me over to the new place and continue to provide us with an entertaining dialogue. I promise it’ll be fun, especially once the season kicks off.
In the meantime, unless something happens in Yankeeville I’m going to do Nostalgia Posts each night until the move – my favorite entries from the archives, plus commentary. It’ll be interesting to take a look back and see what’s happened since that inaugural post in August 2008.

Name Dropping For A Good Cause

What do these celebrities have in common?
They’ve all given their time and talent to “A Night at Sardi’s,” an annual benefit in Beverly Hills that has raised millions of dollars for the Alzheimer’s Association. The fundraiser – celebrities perform musical numbers from famous Broadway shows – is the brainchild of my friend Laurie Burrows Grad.
As beautiful inside as she is outside, Laurie lost her father, Broadway musical scribe Abe Burrows (he wrote “Guys and Dolls,” for example, and won the Pulitzer Prize for “How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying”), to Alzheimer’s. She works tirelessly to recruit celebrities for her benefit, including Peter Gallagher from “The O.C.”


What does “A Night at Sardi’s” have to do with baseball or me?
Take a look at this year’s invitation.
Right. The show is “Damn Yankees.”
When the invitation arrived in the mail and I saw those familiar pinstripes, I called Laurie and said, “My book about the Yankees is coming out around the same time as your benefit. Is there any way I can help the cause?”
She asked if my publisher would donate copies that could be given away to the performers as gifts, and Rodale said yes!
Today I went down to LA and signed all the books. No, none of them counted as a sale. I didn’t earn any royalties. I won’t even be at the event to meet any of the boldfaced names in their gowns and tuxedoes. 
But here’s what I did get: a feeling that in some really small way I might have done a good thing today.
Oh, and I also got this: lunch at Barney’s in Beverly Hills. Laurie paid. A win-win.