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Yankees=Best Medicine

With nothing much going on in Yankeeville and nothing but awful news going on everywhere else, I was in need of a pick-me-up. So imagine my excitement when I checked out the River Ave Blues blog tonight and found this. OMG. I’ve now seen the video six times and am about to take another look. It never gets old. In fact, it gets better with every viewing. Was the 2009 season magical or what? The only hard part is having to watch Melky, Matsui and Damon, knowing they won’t be back. Well, I’m still holding a good thought for Johnny.
P.S. Thank you, Yankees, for donating $500,000 to the Haitian relief effort. You make me proud.

Will The Yankees Be Pedro’s (Sugar) Daddy?

YankeesDaddy.gifI know it sounds crazy, but this time I’m not the only one musing about a former Red Sox player joining the Bombers. Several Yankees blogs have thrown out the possibility – remote though it may be – of Pedro Martinez putting on the pinstripes. River Ave. Blues has a thread right here.

At first, I thought, Pedro? A Yankee? After all the times he plunked Jeter and got into it with Posada (remember the head-pointing incident?) and ended up wrestling with Zim?
post.jpgClemens was despised by most Yankees when he was an opposing pitcher and yet he ended up a hero in the clubhouse. So maybe Pedro could mend fences.
But the Pedro who dominated with the Red Sox
is not the Pedro who was injury-riddled and innings-stingy with the Mets.
At 37 years old, he’s coming off a bad year. Who knows how much he’s got left in the tank at this point?
And yet, doesn’t that description sound eerily similar to the guy the Yankees have tried to sign for $10 million?
Would it really be so outrageous to throw a one-year deal at Martinez and see what he could give us? The Marlins aren’t interested in him. Neither, it appears, is anyone else. His agent is also Mo’s agent. Maybe…
Wait. Am I nuts? We need a pitcher who can eat innings, not fade after four and blow out the bullpen. We should hand the #5 spot in the rotation to
or even
On the other hand, wouldn’t having a veteran presence in the rotation be a good thing, in case the kids can’t get it done? And isn’t Pedro, a future Hall of Famer, a better option than we had last year with Sir Sidney?
Or not.
Either way, I’m not losing sleep over it. Instead, I’ll lose sleep over this.