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Since We Face Rick Porcello First…

…in tomorrow’s doubleheader against the Tigers, I thought I’d do a little due diligence on the kid. I remembered his fight with Youkilis, of course.

Clearly, he’s not shy about plunking guys. But given our mounting injuries (Aceves! No! Who’s next?), I really hope he keeps the ball away from the Yanks or I’ll charge the mound myself.
(Tell me I’m not the only one old enough to remember Morganna, the kissing bandit?)
Anyhow, what I didn’t remember about Porcello was this.
Yeah, he was a phenom before he hit the big time. But here’s the good news. He’s 2-and-3 this season with a 7.50 ERA. We can do this…if Vazquez gets it together. So let’s all think positive thoughts about our Javy. Right now. Come on, people. 
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