Tagged: rain storm of the decade


OK, this weather thing is starting to annoy me. (For those in other parts of the world, California is getting hammered by what forecasters are calling “the rain of the decade.”) We have a creak running through the base of our road and after only two days of this stuff it’s risen so high I can’t drive my car through it. And we’re supposed to get more rain for another seven days straight. Luckily, our hillside has a back way out that’s supposed to be used in emergencies (like wildfires) but it’s a very narrow, steep, windy road that scares the you-know-what out of me. If my electricity doesn’t go out, it’ll be a miracle. In the meantime, Michael and I are auguring in and planning to watch a couple of movies on demand. If they’re boring, we’ll pop in the DVD of the Yankees winning the World Series last year. That’s always a cheerer-upper.