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Never Mind That Boxing Match I Mentioned Yesterday

I had no idea that HBO/PPV was charging $60 to order it. What a rip off. One fight costs $60 but you can buy nearly 162 MLB games on cable for not much more? I’ll stick with baseball – and movies.
Today, as part of the Santa Barbara Film Festival’s Cinema Society group that I belong to, we had a screening of British director Mike Leigh’s new film “Another Year.” There are no car chases, no special effects, just a quiet character study of a middle-aged married couple and their eccentric, down-on-their-luck friends and family members. Scheduled for release in December, it features a performance by actress Lesley Manville that’s sure to get attention at Oscar time. Here’s the trailer.
Tomorrow we’re seeing “The Social Network,” and writer Aaron Sorkin, along with the cast, will be on hand for a Q&A afterwards. I’m really looking forward to meeting Sorkin – and to asking him about his forthcoming movie version of “Moneyball.” How do you make a film about Billy Beane and the Oakland A’s? I guess I’ll find out.