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While I Waited To Go On The Air….

I did a search on YouTube to see if I could find video of Peter Anthony Holder, the host who would soon be interviewing me on his Canadian radio show.

I unearthed a clip from way back in the ’80s when Holder was a TV news reporter, and you’ll never guess what he reported on: that wild and crazy new invention called a cell phone. “Is the cellular phone¬†here to stay or a flash in the pan?” he asks. Hilarious. Have a look. You won’t believe how huge cell phones used to be.

Calling All Night Owls

For anyone in Canada – that’s you, Canuck! – I’ll be on the radio live tonight on a show called “Holder Tonight” hosted by Peter Anthony Holder. It airs on CJAD in Montreal and CFRB in Toronto, and will be available via streaming audio on both web sites. Oh, did I mention that my segment won’t start until 1:30 am?

Stay awake and listen! That’s what Red Bull is for!