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Booing A-Rod

Today’s loss was brutal for many reasons, but what – seriously, what? – is up with A-Rod this year? Is it the divorce? Is it not being able to tour with Madonna? Is it not having Doug Mientkiewicz around? 

He’s hit into so many DPs with men in scoring position that it’s truly bizarre. No one doubts how hard he works. And no one doubts his talent. But he seems to have one swing – that big, looping arc – regardless of the situation. Even Lyle Overbay bunted today to move the runner over. Why can’t A-Rod shorten his swing sometimes, punch/poke the ball the opposite way, EXECUTE? Admittedly I’m a writer not a ballplayer and I couldn’t hit a ball to save my life, but is it really that hard for a guy who’s been called the best in the game to perform in the clutch? Is it? Why?

As for the booing, I understand the frustration of everybody at the Stadium today. I booed A-Rod on my computer. (Thanks to Fox’s blackout I was stuck with MLB.TV here in California.) But what’s the point of booing him in person? It’ll only make him choke more, plus I have a thing about not booing my own team. 
I started the day feeling optimistic that the Yankees would pull off a win before having to face Halladay tomorrow. Now I’m miserable.