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Time Out for Women’s Figure Skating

I know there’s spring training stuff to talk about, but I was more interested in the women’s free skate program tonight. First of all, can I say how much I love the “kiss and cry area?”
I guess baseball’s version would be the dugout.
The other thing I adore about figure skating is the terminology. I don’t really understand the difference between a triple Lutz 
and a triple salchow…
but they both look extremely difficult, and this would be me if I even attempted one.
And how about when Scott Hamilton sets up the suspense during a skater’s routine? “She’s about to try a triple Lutz triple toe loop combination, but she hasn’t been able to skate it cleanly all week. Can she do it here? Can she?”
I know his expertise is in figure skating, but I wouldn’t mind if the YES Network had hired him to fill Cone’s spot.
Back to the skating itself, Yu-Na Kim was perfection and deserved the gold. Congrats to her.
Yu-Na Kim.jpg
I wonder if she’d consider playing left field for the Yankees?