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Who’s Your Favorite Yankee “Frenemy?”

I was watching CNN tonight, and Anderson Cooper filed a brief report on this.

Would you say these two looked happy together? I didn’t think so. “The frenemies met today to discuss how to get the country back on track,” said Cooper.
Hmm. Because my mind always takes me to Yankeeville, I began to ponder which Yankees are frenemies with which players, either from other teams or within their own organization. There must be genuine dislike between guys – they’re only human after all – and yet they still have to show up on the field together and pretend nothing’s amiss.
I could go back to ’77, for example, when Billy and Reggie had their issues.
And, staying with the intra-squad stuff for a moment, there was that squabble between JoPo and El Duque in ’83.
When the Yankees and Orioles went at it in ’98, lots of frenemies blossomed.
You remember. Armando Benitez drilled Tino, Graeme Lloyd ran in from the pen to take exception, Strawberry swung at Armando, and Alan Mills bloodied Straw. So much emotion that day.
2000 was the year of Clemens’ falling out with Mike Piazza.
Not that I blame Mike. Who wants to get hit in the head, then have a bat thrown at you?
In ’03, a famous frenemies relationship sprang up between Pedro and Zim.
It was followed the next year by the now-legendary A-Rod/Varitek coupling.
And on that very same day, two more players became frenemies: Tanyon and Gabe (with Oritz trying to horn in).
While I watched the World Series this year, I thought about Shelley Duncan and Jonny Gomes and the way they bonded in spring training.
Frenemies for sure.
There were sparks between various Yanks and Jays last year and physical contact between some Yanks and O’s this year. And even though they said they were sorry, I’ll bet Torii and Pudge are still frenemies after their shoving match in September.
But the relationship I’m really keeping my eye on is the one between Youkilis
and Joba, who looks positively radiant every time he sees Kevin.
If there are any frenemies I’ve missed, I hope you’ll let me know. Today was a slow news day, so we have to do what we can to fill the void.


Making History


Yes, the GMs are still meeting in Dana Point, but Barack Hussein Obama became America’s 44th president tonight. Condolences to any McCain supporters out there, but I’m in a celebratory mood. I went to an election night party with great food, great wine and great people. We had the plasma going nonstop as each state’s votes were tabulated, only taking a break from CNN and MSNBC to watch Stewart/Colbert on their Comedy Central special.
Questions still to be answered:
* What will happen to Sarah Palin? Will she go back to Alaska or land a job at ESPN?
* Can we get Obama to throw out the first pitch at the opening of the new Yankee Stadium in April? And will he bounce it to home plate or make a really good throw to Jorge?
* Will the Yankees sign Mark Teixeira? Sorry, this has nothing to do with the election, but I’m obsessed. According to Peter Abraham, Cashman says he’s not interested in having a makeshift first baseman (for ex: Damon or Matsui moving to first). This is music to my ears. I want a real first baseman too. I want somebody with experience and expertise in that position. I want Teixeira. Please, Cash, make it happen. Sign Tex and we can keep him out of the clutches of the Angels and Red Sox.¬†Yes, we can! Yes, we can! Yes, we can! (Well, the slogan worked for Obama.)

Freddy Sez: “Only Jeter Showed Up Today”

Those who are Stadium regulars know Freddy, the guy who goes around asking people to bang on his pan for good luck and carries a sign with encouraging words about the Yankees. What must poor Freddy be thinking about today’s loss to the Rays, never mind about the rest of the season? A-Rod couldn’t play because of a stiff neck. Moose didn’t make it to the sixth. And Giambi had his usual throwing issue. Only Jeter showed he still had a pulse, somehow coming up with three hits against yet another pitcher to baffle the Yankees’ offense. Whether or not Jeet will break Gehrig’s record is about all the suspense left to this forgettable season. I suppose it’s possible that Ponson will surprise everybody and toss a great game in the nightcap. But – and I’m paraphrasing Obama – you can put lipstick on a mediocre pitcher but he’s still a mediocre pitcher.

Here I am with Freddy the pan man in happier times. I was just beginning my nearly three months following the Yankees for my book. Freddy was telling me about how he had a bit part in the movie “For Love of the Game.” He’s such a character. I hope the Yankees include him in their farewell festivities.
Freddie Sez web.jpg