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The evening started off so promisingly. My dinner guests arrived, unsuspecting that I had ordered the special Yankees cap cake (see previous entry). Everybody was having fun, the Yankees were up 5-4, and the bullpen was pitching scoreless baseball. The only sour note was that Vasquez was given a quick hook again. (Would it have been so horrendous for Girardi to leave him in for another inning? I feel sorry for Javy at this point.) Oh, and there was that abysmal call at second base where replays showed that Jeter clearly tagged Kinsler. But OK, we could win this. I felt pretty good. And then Joba served up this.
And Nelson Cruz ate it up to tie the score. From then on it was the battle of the pens, and I started getting really tired and cranky. My guests had gone home. I had dishes to wash and leftovers to put away. I wanted to go to sleep – with the game firmly in the win column. Instead, I sat there like an idiot watching us strand runner after runner. It was sickening. It seemed inevitable that Gaudin would serve Cruz a meatball too, and all those wasted opportunities would end in disaster. I hated the game. I hated that I stayed up late to watch the game. I hated that my evening with friends – my end-of-vacation thank-you dinner to them – was tainted.
Or was it? There was still the Yankees cake, and we really enjoyed it. Not only did it look great but it tasted incredible. Underneath the cap was a moist chocolate dessert with creamy vanilla frosting – three layers worth! 

Let Them Eat Cake

Yankee cake, that is.
Let me explain. I was wandering around in New Milford, CT today, trying to come up with the perfect dessert for my dinner party tomorrow night. One of my guests is “Alphonso” from the “It Is High” Yankees blog, and I was wishing I could serve something with a Yankees theme. Imagine my delight when I spotted a cute shop called Sugar Hoot, walked in and spotted a monitor at the cash register displaying photos of the bakery’s wares, including the above and this!
Needless to say, I whipped out the She-Fan Cam and asked to speak to the genius who made the edible Yankees caps (and yes, the caps are really cakes, which I didn’t realize until I started talking to the aforementioned genius). Here’s Kristyn in her own words.
Who cares if she’s a Red Sox fan? I asked if there was any chance she could make me a Yankees cap made of chocolate cake with vanilla frosting (she puts the blue “cap” part on top of the actual cake, but you can eat it too). Normally, the cake is a special order for birthday parties and such, but she was so kind and accommodating that she agreed to bake one for me for tomorrow night – plus she and her mom/ business partner gave Michael and me two complimentary cupcakes that were absolute heaven. I cannot wait for Alphonso to show up and see the cake, which I will hide in the bedroom until it’s time to bring it to the table as a big surprise. Of course it’s possible that he’ll read this blog post tonight and my “big surprise” will bomb. Stay tuned. In the meantime, if you’re ever in CT and in need of a sugar high, do yourself a favor and wander into Sugar Hoot like I did. You won’t be sorry.

Eat Pray Yankees

Dinner, a movie and baseball. Not a bad triple header for me tonight. Started off at a cute Italian place called Lucia in New Milford, CT, where the spaghetti bolognese looked very much like the meal Julia Roberts kept having in “Eat Pray Love.”
Next came the movie itself. I didn’t love it (the book was way better), but the shots of pasta, pizza and Javier Bardem were enough to keep me interested.
I made it out of the theater and back to the house just in time for the last three innings. Very happy we won, naturally, but so relieved that AJ pitched well. Eight strikeouts! Only two walks! Does this mean September is his month? Or was tonight an anomaly? I guess we’ll find out when he makes his next start. Meanwhile, the bullpen continued to roll and Mo was his athletic self, snaring that grounder and making a perfect throw to first. Jorge didn’t need to get tossed, but at least we had Moeller as backup.
Personally, I love when JoPo loses it. No, not in that situation – it was dumb – but I do get a kick out of his fiery personality.