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Thoughts on Tim McGraw’s Tribute to His Dad

I was just reading about how Tim McGraw sprinkled his father’s ashes on the mound last night before the game. I’m sure there were some in the Phillies organization who weren’t wild about it (most teams, including the Yankees, have a policy against this sort of thing), but I’m sure Tug himself would have had a laugh about it.
When I was a young, inexperienced publicist for New American Library in the mid-70s, we published Tug’s first book, Screwball, and it was my job to schedule interviews for him and escort him around the city. Since I was a crazed baseball fan AND had a big, stupid crush on him (even though he wasn’t a Yankee), it was a huge thrill to work with him. And what a cool guy he was – always smiling, always upbeat, always with a twinkle in his eye. Sometimes famous people aren’t easy to deal with, but Tug McGraw was a pleasure. Polite. Gracious. And lots of fun. Just my two cents.