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Movie Day – Black Swan

It’s pouring here in SoCal – I mean seriously raining – and it’s supposed to be this way for days and days.
But it’s not snow, so I won’t complain – much. Despite the flooding and the threat of mudslides, I ventured out to see “Black Swan.” The theater was packed so I guess people either have finished their Christmas shopping or really, really wanted to see the movie. Did I like it? Not as much as I’d hoped. Natalie Portman threw herself into the role of the ballerina on the verge of a breakdown and Mila Kunis, Barbara Hershey and Winona Ryder were all good too. I was just expecting more of a psychological thriller than an over-the-top horror movie. Has anyone else seen it? (Jeff, I know you gave it a thumbs up.) Here’s the trailer.
On the baseball front, I suppose I could go into the Yankees’ signing of reliever Pedro Feliciano but I don’t have a single thing to say about it. I want a starter. Cashman preached patience. It’s not my strong suit.

Day 5 of “Operation Cliff Lee Countdown”

Today was depressing. Not only did I have to read about how the Red Sox were sure-fire bets to win the World Series now that they’ve signed Crawford and Gonzalez (didn’t the media say the same thing about them last year after they signed Lackey and Beltre?), but I continued to check for updates about Cliffy and could only find out that the Yankees had upped their offer to 7 years (7, apparently, is the new 6 in baseball these days) and that the Texas delegation was in Arkansas to make their case to the Lees. Blah blah blah. As I said yesterday, I’m not a patient person and this whole Lee thing, on top of the whole Jeter thing, is dragging me down. So what did I do about it? I went to a screening tonight of the most depressing movie on the planet. “Rabbit Hole” was a Pulitzer Prize-winning play and now it’s a critically acclaimed film that’s about to open in limited release to qualify for the Oscars. Nicole Kidman, who plays the mother of a child that died and tries to come to grips with the tragedy, is on everybody’s Best Actress list, along with Natalie Portman and Annette Bening. She’s very good. And it’s hard not to be moved by the film (Kleenex essential). But fair warning: it’s just not an easy story to sit through. Here’s the trailer.
I was hoping that when I emerged from the theater and turned my phone back on there would be news – as in “Lee signs with the Yankees!” No such luck. I’m thinking Friday is the day. Or maybe Saturday. Definitely by Sunday. If it goes longer than that, I’m over it and will start doing Countdowns for anybody and everybody. Meanwhile, here’s tonight’s Cliff Lee video.
It was an easy pick, since Danny Knobler says straight out that Cliffy will be a Yankee because he won’t be able to leave “all that money on the table.” So far, nobody’s been able to leave money on the table, judging by the choices made by Werth and Crawford. 
Oh. One more thing. Recently, I noticed that this blog has passed the 20,000-comment milestone. That’s a whole lot of people checking in here. A heartfelt thanks to all who’ve taken the time to leave a word or two.