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Girardi Needs To Get Tossed Again

Well? The last time he got mad the Yankees woke up and reeled off seven straight wins. The streak ended tonight with a lame 8-4 loss to the Mariners in the series finale. So my advice to Joe is to work himself into a really good lather against the Blue Jays tomorrow.
Here’s another thing that needs to happen: Tex gets a day off. I touted him as an All-Star in a reputable newspaper this morning and wouldn’t you know he’d make his first error of the season and have an uncharacteristically blah showing? He’s played in every game since Opening Day and he’s finally looking it. Time to rest him.
Also on the list: CC needs to figure out why he pitched so poorly. He kept leaving the ball up and wasn’t fooling any of the Seattle hitters except Branyan, the strikeout king, whose walk in the sixth was CC’s undoing.
Maybe the 36-minute rain delay bothered him, since there wasn’t any rain. Or maybe he was sleepy and craved a nap. Or maybe he was dying for a burger and a nap.
Whatever. He made way for Aceves, who was brilliant until he wasn’t. Why he was left in to pitch the ninth was beyond me, but Branyan’s bomb off him not only hit the Mohegan Sun restaurant in center field but traveled all the way to Santa Barbara and broke my living room window.
A bright spot was Matsui, who had been relegated to the bench during interleague play but came back to life as the DH. He belted a homer and a double – much to the delight of the small group of his family members visiting from Japan.
Otherwise, the game was disappointing. The ninth inning rally started by Cano and Swisher quickly fizzled. There would be no walkoff. No celebration. No pie. Sadly.