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Winning and Plunking, Plunking and Winning

The good news was that despite Moseley’s homer-happy pitches, the Yankees took it to the Tigers’ pitchers for the win. I’m not a fan of Bonderman, who always looks miserable on the mound and whines like a four-year-old, so I wasn’t surprised that he hit Gardner in the first. I knew there would be retaliation for Brett’s take out of Guillen a couple of days before. What did surprise me was that after the plunking of Cabrera and the “errant” pitch behind Jeter, we didn’t see an all out brawl.
In fact, I started to wonder: Have the Yankees been in a fight this year? I don’t think so. Maybe they’re due, and tomorrow’s game will have some fireworks. Porcello will be on the hill for Detroit and we’ve seen what he’s capable of.
I really hope there isn’t any trouble, because we can’t afford to lose anybody – not to a suspension or an injury. So behave, boys! (Well, unless the Tigers start it.)
Speaking of hostility, I went grocery shopping today at the local market here in CT and what did I see in the freezer section?
sox.ice cream.jpeg
I found a sales clerk and said, “Excuse me, but I don’t see any Yankees ice cream.”
Sales clerk: “That’s because we don’t have any.”
Me: “But there are Yankee fans in this town. The guy who lives two houses down has the NYY decal on the back of his car, and the woman next door to him wore a Jeter T-shirt when she was outside getting the newspaper.”
Sales clerk: “Can’t help you, lady.”
Me: “Are YOU a Red Sox fan?”
Sales clerk: “No. I hate baseball.”
Talk about getting plunked!
Oh, before I forget, here’s a link I think people will really enjoy. It’s an interview by the Collectors Weekly site with a Red Sox She-Fan who appraises Yankees memorabilia. Check it out. Very interesting stuff.

Rocky Road

I wish I meant the ice cream. What a putrid trip to Detroit. Except for the outing by Hughes and Vazquez’s improved performance, what’s a Yankee fan to talk about? The boys looked flat and tired and just-plain eager to get home and sleep in their own beds.
CC labored today and the bottom of the order was overmatched (I actually laughed watching Golson’s knees buckle on those swings and misses at Verlander’s curve balls). And I won’t be sorry not to see Miguel Cabrera for awhile. Total Yankee Killer.
Bad trip aside, here’s the truth of the matter – the Yanks continued to win series for over a month, even with all the injuries piling up, and the party had to end sometime.
So let’s look on the bright side. Mo is fine now. Posada’s back. Swisher’s injury doesn’t sound serious. Chan Ho is getting ready to return to the team. Gardner and Cervelli have been revelations. Joba is where he belongs in the pen. Tex is coming around. And, of course, Cano is off to his best start in, like, ever. What I really, really want is for Granderson and Aceves to get healthy. Nick Johnson too, although I haven’t heard a word about him since he left the Yanks in Boston. Is he still breathing? Anyone?

Sure Wish I’d Seen Granderson’s Circus Catch Today

There was no TV coverage of Yankees-Tigers in Lakeland, but by all accounts Grandy’s over-the-shoulder grab of Miguel “I’d rather party with the White Sox” Cabrera’s deep fly ball to center was sensational. Maybe they’ll show highlights tonight, but in the meantime I went browsing for what many consider to be the greatest circus catch of all time – and found it.
With any luck, Granderson will treat Yankee fans to a lot more heroics. He was great at the plate today too – two singles and a walk. Maybe the Yanks should play the Tigers every day. Well, unless Joba is pitching. Yeah, he’s “working on things.” It’s spring training. Time to try new pitches, tinker with mechanics, not worry about the stats. I get it. But six runs over 2+ innings? Now that I’ve become a convert and decided he should be in the pen, why not just put him there and get it over with?
I also would have liked to have seen Damon in a Tigers uni, but he didn’t play because of a problem with his toe. 
And I missed getting a glimpse of Phil Coke’s new look. Apparently, he has gone from this…
…to this.
Yeah, I know. That’s Jayson Werth. I couldn’t find a shot of Coke with all his facial hair. One of these days…
Congrats to Tex for hitting his first homer of 2010. May there be many more to come, preferably during the season opener at Fenway. 

Which MVP Candidate Did Mark Feinsand Vote For?

Mark Feinsand’s “Blogging the Bombers” blog in the Daily News is one of the best, so I went straight to the source to find out who will win the big award. 
(That’s Mark on the right. Not sure who his friend is.)
Will it be….
Teixeira yankees.jpg
Or even….
I asked Mark which player he voted for. As you’ll see, I really, really tried to get answers, but I guess I’m a really, really lame reporter.
Update: Congratulations, Joe Mauer! (And interesting that Tex came in second ahead of Jeter.)

Which Team Would I Rather Play?

Well, I won’t be playing, obviously, but you know what I mean. I’ve been thinking about the Twins-versus-Tigers question and it’s a really tough call.
First, I start thinking I’d rather play the Twins because the Yankees have such a winning record against them. But then I start thinking maybe they’re due to beat us. And then I start picturing us having to show up at the Metrodome with the noise and the white dish towels and the hideous green shag carpeting.
Verdict? I’d rather play the Tigers. They’ve been slumping and it’s doubtful Verlander would be available to pitch Game 1. Their roster doesn’t include Joe Mauer or Joe Nathan, which is a plus. And they play in Comerica Park, which is a nice normal stadium. Oh, and Miguel Cabrera might not have his head in the series.
On the other hand, the Tigers eliminated us in ’06. They do have Verlander, as well as Jackson and Porcello. They also have Curtis Granderson, Magglio Ordonez, Carlos Guillen, Aubrey Huff and Placido Domingo.
And to manage the team, they have that crafty, craggy, curmudgeonly Jim Leyland.
Maybe I’d rather play the Twins after all. Their nickname makes them sound so benign and sweet and easy to digest, doesn’t it?
I don’t even think the Tigers have a cute little nickname. It’s not the Baby Tigers. And it certainly isn’t this.
So maybe I do want to play the Twinkies. Except that there might be a lot of confusion in the broadcast booth, since we have a Gardy….
…and they have a Gardy.
Also, the Twins have Cuddyer, Span and that Yankees killer Orlando Cabrera. Scary. And they have the powerful Jason Kugel too.
But facing Carl Pavano would be a treat. Yes, he’s pitched well for the Twins but how cool would it be to have him back at Yankee Stadium with all the fans to greet him?
So I guess my choice is the Twins. But they’ve been on such a roll lately.
No, it’s the Tigers. But they could get a huge confidence boost if they win Tuesday’s playoff.
Twins. Tigers. Twins. Tigers.
OK, I don’t care! Either team is fine! This whole exercise is exhausting!