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My Husband Couldn’t Handle It

While Michael was as thrilled as I was that the Yankees won their 27th World Championship, he had already gone into a depression on Wednesday before Game 6; he was grieving the end of the baseball season even before it happened. Still, I didn’t think anything of it while I was driving along in my car this afternoon and a bulletin came on my local radio station saying our bank had been robbed – the very same bank where Michael had made a withdrawal on Wednesday. But then I got home, went online and read the article about the robbery – and was shocked to see that one of the suspects bore a striking resemblance to Michael. Check out the story.

Suspects Sought in Armed Robberies at Two Santa Barbara Businesses

Two men flee with cash from Bank of America and Machine Gun Deli

A photo taken from surveillance video shows the suspect in Wednesday's robbery of the Bank of America at 1096 Coast Village Road in Santa Barbara

A photo taken from surveillance video shows the suspect in Wednesday’s robbery of the Bank of America at 1096 Coast Village Road in Santa Barbara. (Santa Barbara Police Department courtesy photo)

By  | Published on 11.05.2009

Santa Barbara detectives are searching for suspects in armed robberies Wednesday at two local businesses.

At 5 p.m. Wednesday, a male robbed the Bank of America at 1096 Coast Village Road. The suspect entered through the rear doors and approached a female teller, handing her a note demanding cash.

The suspect claimed that he had a handgun and simulated one with his hand. No weapon was seen.

The teller handed over an undisclosed amount of cash. The suspect took the cash and ran out the back doors.

He was described as a white male in his mid-50s, 5 feet 5 inches tall with a medium build, gray hair and a gray goatee.

Detectives with the FBI and the Santa Barbara Police Department are conducting a joint investigation.


A “white male in his mid-50s with a medium build, gray hair and a gray goatee?” Hello? Sounded like my husband to me. And doesn’t the guy in the surveillance camera photo look like him?


I questioned Michael a few minutes ago and he wouldn’t give. So I contacted the FBI. They’re grilling him as I type this. I really hope he’s exonerated, because I plan on watching the parade tomorrow morning, not holding his hand in jail.
On a happier note, today was all about the Yankees for me – and about checking in with other fans. Peggy, who comments frequently here and who watched Game 6 with her Yankee fan friends at Mickey Mantle’s last night, sent this pic along.
And ladyjane, another friend of the blog, was at Game 4 in Philly and had the good fortune to have Mo toss her a ball. That’s right. MO. See how she’s holding it? Like’s it’s a precious gem? That’s exactly what is it. I mean, the man touched it!
(Of course, I would have asked him to write “I love you, She-Fan” on it, but that’s just me.)
Guess what? The cops just finished interrogating Michael and he confessed to robbing the bank! It turns out the motive was totally unselfish: he needed cash to buy me all the World Series gear my closet could hold. Luckily, the FBI guys were understanding – their wives were she-fans too – and they let him keep the money. So here’s what I’m buying:
Who says crime doesn’t pay?

Missing The Empire State

I’ll focus on Yankees-Phillies in my next post, complete with an exclusive “She-Fan Scouting Report,” but today I was feeling mopey. People kept asking me if I was going to the World Series and I kept having to say no. Even my best friend from high school, a Red Sox fan, called to say, “So are you flying to New York?” I told her I was staying in California. I was so ashamed.
If I hadn’t been so busy with work, I might have hopped on a plane so that I could be in attendance for at least one game. But I didn’t make any plans, so now I’ll just have to watch on TV and deal with it. Still, it’s times like this when New York seems far away and I miss it. I miss my family. I miss New York accents. I miss people walking fast and elbowing each other out of the way. And here’s what else I miss:
* Fall foliage in Central Park.
* Mickey Mantle’s Restaurant.
* Cheesecake.
ny cheesecake_sm.jpg
* The subway.
And I miss everything having to do with Yankee Stadium:
* Freddy.
Freddie Sez web.sm.jpg
* Frank Sinatra.
* The fact that they’ve already painted the field with this.
* The fans….
  Big ones…
  Small ones…
yanks fans.jpg
  And “artistic” ones.
I was so down in the dumps this afternoon, wishing there were other Yankee fans in Santa Barbara, that I left my desk and went for a beach walk. It was a gorgeous day, and this was my view as I did my five miles.
Nothing to complain about, right? I was starting to perk up until my Yankees cap began to attract some unfavorable attention. You could tell people wanted to shake their fists at me and demand, “Why aren’t you a Dodgers or Angels fan? What’s wrong with you?”
And then a mirage….or so it seemed.
No, it wasn’t a hot dog concession in the Bronx, but close. It was the Surf Dog cart owned for 16 years by Bill Connell – a local celebrity for having won a major case against the state of California last week.
A 55-year-old disabled veteran, Bill fought for an exemption for street peddlers like himself who wer
e being forced to pay sales tax on their wares. It was a victory for disabled vets and it made him a hero. And – just my luck – Bill turned out to be a huge Yankee fan. When I told him I was a fan too, he not only handed me a free hot dog but let me interview him on the She-Fan Cam – a happy ending to my day.