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Melky Hits For The Cycle

What a job by the Melkman to knock in a single, double, triple and homer – the first Yankee in 14 years to do it. Talk about taking advantage of his chance to play everyday.
Congratulations to him and to the Yankees for salvaging the series in Chicago with an 8-5 win. What a relief to stop that frustrating three-game slide, although I had a feeling we’d get to Buehrle. Perfectos are a beautiful thing, but they come around about as often as these.
CC wasn’t a whole lot better, but he was good enough to keep the game close and allow Hughes and Mo to work their magic.
A few words about Yankees newbie Jerry Hairston, Jr. He was impressive! He made some nice plays at third, had an infield single, and laid down a terrific bunt that moved Melky to third so he could eventually come home with the tying run. All hail Hairston….
…who looks a little like Mario Lopez.
OK, maybe not. Hairston’s eyebrows are bushier, for one thing. They’re practically the size of his.
So now it’s on to Toronto for the Yanks and a well-deserved day off. How will they spend it? My suggestion? They should find a theater near their hotel and go see “Funny People,” the new Judd Apatow movie starring Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen. I saw it today and loved it. Granted, I have the sense of humor of a 15-year-old boy, but even the old ladies sitting in front of me were laughing. If the Yankees would see it, they’d lighten up and forget all about having to face Roy Halladay on Tuesday. Here’s the trailer.