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My Very Own Commercial – Watch!

The truth is, my goal in life wasn’t to star in an ad. I didn’t dream of selling bone density medicine like her…
sally.field.jpgor a weight loss program like her…
Marie Osmond_01.JPGor life insurance like her.
And as much as I love to dance, I never imagined myself pitching American Express like her.

But the reality of the publishing world is that you can’t just write a book and cross your fingers that the buyers at Amazon and Barnes & Noble will order copies for their customers; you have to entertain them so they’ll be dying┬áto stock your book.
And so I made a video trailer for Confessions of a She-Fan – sort of like a movie trailer only without the actors. What I’m saying is that I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. Furthermore, it was 1,000 degrees in the studio the day we shot the video, and I nearly passed out. Good thing it’s only three minutes long.
Since the trailer has now been distributed to Yahoo, Google, MSN, YouTube and every other “portal,” I figured it was time to debut it here. The company that produced it, Expanded Books, tagged it: “Yankee-holic Hits Bottom.” That pretty much says it all.