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Off Topic: Men Dressing Like Women

I was feeling bored with the Hot Stove season – it really should be called the Lukewarm Stove season at this point – so I took refuge in other, non-sports sections of newspapers today. What a revelation! It turns out that men are wearing pantyhose. Not only that, these male pantyhose have a little name of their own: mantyhose.


Check out the story in the Daily News if you don’t believe me. I asked my husband if he would ever wear mantyhose, and he said: “You’re out of your ******* mind.” (Yeah, he cursed me. I retaliated by hiding the TV remote.)
After I was finished reading the papers, I jumped on to the blogs. And what did I find? More cross-dressing. Alex over at Coast-to-Coast Baseball posted this old clip of Jeter’s guest stint on “Saturday Night Live.” I bet Jeet is wearing mantyhose. Take a look. The sound quality isn’t great, so turn up the volume.
I bet David Wells is wearing mantyhose too. Who knew he had such shapely legs?