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A.J. Stands for “A Jokester,” It Turns Out

Sure, the Yankees invested $82.5 million in a pitcher who’s spent a good deal of time on the disabled list. But we also landed a guy who throws dirty, filthy, nasty, vile, vulgar, obscene, maggoty (help me, I’m running out of adjectives) stuff.
What’s more, he’ll be joining a rotation that will consist of


and either
(Who says we aren’t willing to go younger?)
The New York Yankees. Nothing but All-Stars. Please don’t hate us because we’re bountiful. We realize that money can’t buy a championship, trust me. It’s just that it makes things more entertaining during the off-season.
Back to A.J., our new prize. Did I mention that he threw a no-hitter against the Padres when he was a Marlin? That he led the NL in shutouts (5) in ’02? That he led the AL in strikeouts (231) last year? That he’s 5-0 lifetime against the Red Sox?
Well, here’s something you might not have known: A.J. Burnett is a jokester. He enjoys playing pranks on his teammates, as shown here with Doc Halladay.
So we’re not only getting a pitcher with dirty, filthy, nasty (blah blah) stuff. We’re getting a guy who’ll liven things up at the new Yankee Stadium.
Here’s a look at A.J.’s past antics. He’ll be worth every penny if he throws a pie at or dumps water on Joe Girardi.