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Wait A Second. WHAT?

It’s all right here. And I’m still trying to figure out if I’m hallucinating. Didn’t we just learn something from the Javier Vazquez Experiment? That when a pitcher fails to perform for you once there’s a better-than-average chance he’ll fail to perform for you a second time? I don’t understand all this bringing back of people, even when it’s only a minor league deal. Viz’s absence didn’t make my heart grow fonder, not at all. I’m sure he’s a very nice person, but after a promising debut with the Yankees he disappointed time and time again with his wildness. (I still cringe with the memory of his leadoff walks in crucial situations.) I’m just bewildered by this one, but what’s scariest about it is that Carl Pavano is still on the loose. Cashman wouldn’t even consider bringing him back a second time, would he?

Tonight At Progressive Field….

Yes, the birds were out in Cleveland. The bugs too. So creepy, especially because the birds were eating the bugs. But the Yankees vanquished them both Рand the Indians Рfor a 5-2 victory.
Thinking I could only get the ESPN feed, I spent the first few innings listening to Steve Phillips run his mouth. Before I switched over to YES, Orel Hershiser had a good line. Jeter was 0-and-2 in the top of the first, and Orel said, “It doesn’t look like Jeter sees the ball because of the shadows on the field.” Next pitch? Jeter singled. Way to call it, Orel!
Congrats to the Captain for his 2600th hit, by the way. It came in the third on a bunt single, and resulted in the Yankees’ first run of the evening.
The Yankees offense wasn’t exactly in attack mode, but fortunately Joba was pitching a gem. He was brilliant, in fact, his only mistake a home run to Martinez in the fourth. Then came Shoppach’s pop-up bunt attempt in the fifth and Joba’s spectacular diving catch.
Nice belly flop, guy!
The Yankees wasted a perfectly good opportunity to break the game open in the sixth when Sowers, the Indians’ starter, went sour. Three straight walks and we didn’t score! That’s hard to do!¬†
But after Aquino came in and issued another three walks, Swisher doubled in two runs.
Onto the mound came a familiar face, and I knew we had the game won.
Viz allowed another couple of runs for 5-1. I swear he’s an older version of Veras.
Anyhow, Joba went eight innings – his longest and best outing yet as a starter – and Mo finished up with a 1-2-3 ninth.
I sort of laughed when Francisco hit a grounder that glanced off Mo’s glove. Judging by the way Gene Monahan rushed out to check on him, you would have thought he’d been hit by a bus.
The weirdest line of the night belonged to Michael Kay, after Mo threw one past Choo: “Mariano’s got some hair on the fastball tonight.”
Euww. Sorry.
The Yankees extended their streak of error-less games to an MLB record of 18. (What a difference a Gold Glove first baseman makes. ) And they remained in first place for another day.
Now it’s home to the Launching Pad in the Bronx to face the Rangers and, hopefully, to witness a whole bunch of these by the Bombers.

Another Day, Another DUI

According to Fox Sports, former Yankees pitcher Luis Vizcaino was arrested for driving under the influence in Tampa yesterday. Luckily, the Rays weren’t in town or he could have had a fender bender with, say, Carl Crawford. Things happen for a reason, right? Maybe it’s good that the World Series is stalled up in Philly.

Viz, who spent last season with the Rockies, really should have watched this video before getting into his car stinking of booze. He would have learned that even when you say you’re not drunk, you’re drunk.