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Day 6 of “Operation Jeter Countdown” (With Update!)

Progress, people! The two sides met on Tuesday, said nice things about each other on Wednesday and grew closer to actually making a deal today. We don’t know what the Yankees’ new offer to Jeter is (unless I just haven’t read about it yet), but once he and his agent digest it and make their counter (if they haven’t already), we could be looking at the end of our long national nightmare. 
It would sure be sweet if Cashman could head into the meetings in Orlando with his shortstop and closer locked up, so he can focus on a pitcher whose last name rhymes with a TV show.


Speaking of TV shows, tonight’s Jeter Countdown Video is a real oldie from the vault. No, Jeter’s not in it. Monty Hall is. It’s a clip from “Let’s Make A Deal,” and it’s instructive. The contestant had an opportunity to win $10,000 but she was perfectly content to walk away with $2,000. I hope Jeter feels the same way, relatively.
P.S. For those who expressed an interest in watching me sit at a table and talk for an hour about book publishing, here’s the link to the local TV show I was on. It’s called “Literary Gumbo.” Don’t expect a fancy set (it was a cable access channel) or a lot of laughs. But if you think you’d enjoy listening in as two publishing veterans trade war stories, you might want to check it out.
UPDATE: Hooray that Mo is safely back in the fold and we’ll be treated to another two years of “Enter Sandman!” Cross that one off the To-Do List, with a Jeter deal sure to follow. I have a busy weekend of movie screenings coming up and I’m not allowed to have my phone turned on while I’m in the theater, so I’d really like the Captain’s deal to be done by tomorrow night. Which reminds me, Saturday’s screening is “Frankie and Alice,” an indie film starring Halle Berry that’s getting Oscar buzz for her as Best Actress. She’ll be here for a Q&A after the movie. How much do I want to ask her about David Justice?

Will There Be Any Yankees Bargains on Black Friday?

I know it’s only Monday night, but I’m thinking ahead to all the shopping people will be doing and wondering if the Yankees will be among the busy customers. With news that Mo’s camp has finally emerged to state their intentions, maybe he and the Yanks will make a deal. And maybe the Jeter thing will be resolved. And maybe Cliff Lee will have eaten so much turkey that he’ll be in a triptophan fog and will sign with us without realizing it.
Aside from those three, here’s what I’d like to pick up on Black Friday: a treadmill. I’ve been thinking about getting one for a long time and maybe Friday’s the day to score a sale. Someone on Twitter told me that ProForm is the brand to look for, but if anyone else knows about the machines please shout. I don’t have much room, so I need one that folds up.
Tonight I was the guest on a local TV show called “Literary Gumbo.”
It’s a half-hour of chat about writing and publishing, and the host is Fred Klein, who spent many years at Bantam Books as head of marketing. The producer played the intro music and Fred did his welcome thing to the camera, and then the two of us started talking….and talking. He was supposed to be watching this digital timer next to his chair so he’d know when to wrap up, but somebody forgot to set it before the taping started and we kept going. I can’t wait to see the interview because it’s got to have the most abrupt ending in the history of television. Some authors aren’t fond of having to answer questions on camera, but I’m the opposite. When you’ve been sitting home alone in front of the computer all day writing, it feels like recess to go out and talk about your work to someone who’s actually interested. What a concept! Besides, Fred spent the last 10 minutes asking me about “Confessions of a She-Fan.” What could be more fun?