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CC = Solid

That’s what he was tonight against the Orioles. Nothing flashy and not especially sharp at the beginning of the game, but he got stronger as he went along. And Cano? What’s left to say about the season he’s having. Is there anyone who doesn’t see a batting crown in his future?
The Orioles did their part to hand us the game, let’s be honest. All those errors, plus a strange decision to pitch to Cervelli instead of Russo in the eighth. And speaking of Russo, how about that catch? OMG. And he’s not even a full time outfielder. Marcus Thames wouldn’t have gotten to the ball, that’s for sure. But the real action tonight was in Philadelphia, where the NHL Playoffs were going on. Everybody in the stands was dressed for Halloween.
Just kidding. I know orange is their team’s color. But it did remind me of these.
I’m a baseball fan first, but I was a Rangers fan when I lived in New York (Knicks too) and I still watch playoff hockey (and basketball). I have to admit that the Blackhawks’ overtime Stanley Cup victory was heart-attack exciting. Baseball is such a leisurely sport and that’s one of the reasons I love it, but hockey is non-stop action and I couldn’t take my eyes off the TV for a second. So congrats to Chicago fans. Now it’s on to the NBA, where, as a transplant, I’m rooting for these guys to win another one.
Am I a bandwagoner by chiming in only at playoff time when it comes to hockey and basketball? You bet. So what.

Tonight’s Loss To The Mets In A Nutshell

* The Yankees left 13 men on base and were 3-for-14 with RISP.

* Mark Teixeira is killing us with the bat, although he’s still a genius with the glove.

* Jeter isn’t a very impressive leadoff guy right now.

* Randy Winn is about as good a left fielder as I am.

* Kevin Russo, a call-up from Triple A, is our hottest hitter.

* Phil Hughes wasn’t sharp, but three runs shouldn’t have been insurmountable.

* Chan Ho Park isn’t getting people out.

* I miss Damon and Matsui.

* I sound like a yapping dog, but I can’t help it.